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Conversation24 is a Conversational Service Provider. We see dialogue as the foundation of modern customer centric business. By breaking down barriers and enabling meaningful dialogue between customers and organisations we offer immediate solutions that are designed to build strong relationships.


In this fast changing world of interaction, Conversation24 provides multifaceted solutions that connect, destress and facilitate growth. Bringing conversation channels, data, AI, and payments together for the ultimate customer experience. Customers are served worldwide from offices in The Netherlands and Germany.


Conversation24 started as a live chat provider under the name LiveChat Service and was founded by Nick Blom early 2015. The first office, in Bodegraven, The Netherlands was outgrown in the second year, so the company moved to the city centre of Rotterdam.

Because of the rapid growth and the recognition of more and more possibilities of Webchat in a fast developing market, LiveChat Service started its online marketing activities under the name ‘LCS Agency’. This way two of three pillars of success were created, staffing expertise and data marketing.

The third pillar was added in 2018 by acquiring Cobrowser.net, being software development. LiveChat Service was now able to offer a complete product as a conversational commerce provider, combining the best of three disciplines. The company was now ready to grow further.

2019 started with the company moving to a bigger office in Rotterdam and was soon followed by establishing the German office in Berlin, through the acquisition of Finnchat GmbH, which was renamed to LiveChat Service GmbH. The same year the services were expanded to a total of five languages: Dutch, German, English, French and Spanish.

The following year was used to grow all disciplines and the company’s focus transferred to the development of the software into a conversational platform (CPaaS) instead of ‘just’ chat software. In order to do this the best way possible partnerships were closed with international technology providers all being the best in their own markets.

With this new approach in mind a new definition was needed for the Group of companies bringing their expertise together in one platform as a Conversational Service Provider. Conversation24 was born.

In the future Conversation24 will keep expanding the platform by adding extra contact channels and functionality to stay ahead of the market.

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Conversation24 is the trade name of a group of individual companies, established in Rotterdam and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under file numbers: 78317568, 78320291, 78320003, 60948086.