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Answer all questions fast and efficiently. With one clear inbox for all channels not only does it make the process so simple but you can also Interact with customers how and where they want you to be.

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Be there for your customers

We have all been faced with IT issues that we just don’t know how to solve. Or even questions about a certain product you are having difficulty with or want to know more about. Every answer can be handled quickly with Conversation24. Organised under one perfectly crafted inbox every customer will get the help they deserve on every relevant channel.

How much time can you save by optimising your product return flow?

Reaction and action!

There is nothing more frustrating than issues with your network. Buffering or loading, in this fast paced world no one has time to sit around waiting. And that goes for customer care too. The faster a customer gets help the more satisfied they will be. Live chat and WhatsApp are both very convenient channels that your customers will thank you for. Conversation24 helps organise all channels in one inbox de stressing your customer care team. Quick replies and an efficient service.


Visual aids for clear communication

No need to guess what the customer is talking about. No need to waste your time over the phone trying to explain what the issue is. With Conversation24 you can simply use our share screen feature so you can guide your customer through their journey. Or on communication platforms such as WhatsApp you can send videos, images and documents with ease. Sharing information with each other in a way that’s convenient and beneficial for both parties. Better service and optimal efficiency makes for happy customers.

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