Omnichannel communication

Customers want a consistent and seamless experience no matter what channel they are on. Conversation24 can help with that! Not only can you connect your business to your customers across all channels but you can also save valuable time and enhance efficiency managing them under one clear inbox.

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Provide a seamless customer experience across all devices and platforms

On the go or at home your customer should be able to reach you with ease. With all chats across every channel managed in one perfectly crafted inbox your customers can interact with you on the platform of their choosing in a way that’s convenient for them!

How much time can you save by optimising your product return flow?

Be present

These days it has become vital that your business is present wherever your customers are. We connect your business to all the relevant channels so you can start conversations where they feel most comfortable.


Chat, select and pay!

Your customer will never have to leave their favourite platform to complete a journey with your business through the use of conversational payments and refunds. Not only decreasing time spent on your customer care department but creating lasting experiences for your customers.

Stop broadcasting and start talking with your audience 💬

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