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Technological advancements have caused a shift in the way people prefer to communicate and interact. No matter what industry it is crucial to stay up-to-date and have the ability to cater to peoples modern day needs. Conversation24 can connect you to all the relevant channels so you can do just that. Utilize these communication platforms to send reminders for things such as upcoming lectures and answer all questions on the users preferred channel.

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Start using WhatsApp

WhatsApp is quickly becoming one of the most popular communication apps out there. With over two billion users, the convience and ease at which customers can interact with businesses just as they would family or friends is one reason that can be attributed to its success. Use this popular messaging platform to send reminders for deadlines, ask questions about applications or share information about what programs are on offer. Conversation24 can help you get started today!

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All channels in one inbox!

No matter what channel they choose to communicate on, even if it’s multiple, you can manage all your chats in one clear inbox. All the information is at your fingertips to ensure everyone is getting the information and help they need.


Book and schedule meetings

Arranged times and locations for special events like that all important open day! Never miss an appointment again by helping add events to calendars and sending a friendly reminder.

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