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Ensure all your touchpoints are alligned with the use of chat. Whether you are sending updates, notifications, or dealing with customer care keep your customers informed on the channel of their choice. With Conversation24 you can manage all relevant platforms in one perfectly crafted inbox so your business is running as efficiently as possible and from any location.

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On the go!

Always stay connected to your customers, even when you’re on the go. Use chat to let them know your location, time of arrival and so much more. No matter what channel you can be available to answer any questions.

How much time can you save by optimising your product return flow?

The Customers choice of channels!

Being available on the platforms your customers are has become crucial. With conversation24 you can keep them informed in real time and on the channels of their choosing. Elevate your customer service stratergy with the use of popular messaging platforms and interact with your customers, send photos, locations and documents. Transforming the way people communicate with businesses at every level on a daily basis.


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