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4 Tips to Improve Automation for Customer Support

Do you remember the time when we had to walk to a store to file a complaint? Gone are those days because (thankfully!) technology has our backs. We can simply Google the company’s website and locate their customer service information. Besides this, we can use live chat customer support on their website (if they have it). 

Increasingly more companies are investing in automated customer support. However, 74% of customers believe that they find customer service messages impersonal. This implies that customers prefer messages that sound human and less ‘robotic’. Therefore, your automated customer support should be adapted to your customer expectations.

To ensure that your automated customer support follows customer expectations, here are some tips:

Make Sure You Offer Customer Support Through Appropriate Channels

The first step to adapting your customer support is knowing your customers first. You need to be aware of the platforms that your customers are using. For example, If majority of your customers use Instagram, then you need customer support there. 

Similarly, if your customers prefer websites over social media, then invest in your website. Focus on establishing an active live-chat button for your customers 24/7. This has an added benefit for your international customers.

For example, there are hospitals like the Mouwasat Hospital in Saudi Arabia that offer customer service 24/7. This way, their international clients can message and book an appointment at any time.

So the key is to understand your customers and their platform preferences.

Automate Customer Support Messages While Focusing on Relevant Information

Don’t waste your time attracting your customers through messages that are not relevant! For example, companies tend to share information that their customers don’t care about. This includes sending them information and links to their blogs. Research shows that a great percentage of customers are interested in knowing about deals instead. So, if you are not doing this to keep your customers informed, then you need to. 

First, try to know what your customers want from you. This will help you make your research more focused on customer behavior. So, if you are sending marketing emails, try to make them ‘relevant’.

Don’t Let Your Customers Feel Like They Are Not Heard!

This can be lethal for customer retention. During your off-hours, if there’s no one to attend to your customers, that’s okay! Make sure you leave an automated message. This automated message should say that you have heard them, and you’ll get back to them. 

This can act as a certain reassurance for your customers. If no such message is received, they will not know whether you heard them or not. This is why, to be safe, have such an automated message set for your customer support.

Have Your Chat Representatives Use Saved Replies!

Saved replies, sometimes called ‘Canned Replies’, can save you a lot of time. So, make sure you have them for your most frequently asked questions.This tactic can make your customer support more efficient.  

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