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A few easy mistakes to avoid when using Chatbots

Being welcomed by a Chatbot has become somewhat of a norm for consumers wanting to reach out to businesses online, and without a doubt has revolutionized the way to do just that. Interactions are taking place everyday between humans and bot that mimic natural language and have proven to have huge benefits for consumers and businesses alike. However, even though we are now faced with technology that is without a doubt remarkable, mistakes can still occur for those businesses who are wanting to make use of it. Here are a few tips that can help you along the way!

Missing a clear strategy and function

One issue that businesses face when implementing a Chatbot is they lack a clear focus and purpose as to why they are exactly doing so. Without a clear strategy this could be counterproductive and as a result non profitable. When a clear strategy is decided upon and executed there can be some important benefits that follow. Customers are getting timely responses that are relevant and helpful, leading to customer satisfaction, and business will see they are able to reap rewards from these happy customers!

Additionally, if you don’t keep the functionality simple, there can be further complications. Customers these days will not hang around or return to a business if the service they are being provided with does not meet their expectations. With a clear goal such as promoting certain products or pages and gathering customer information it minimizes the risk of consumers getting confused and humans can step in at the right times to assist.

Missing the bigger picture

Just as it is important to have a clear function and strategy behind implementing Chatbots, we also need to be aware that they are more likely to benefit businesses in greater ways than merely a tool to collect data. The primary function should be more focused towards ensuring customers are able to receive a valuable overall experience from your business. In the long run this will be more beneficial, for example in gaining loyal customers, and any data collected on the side should be perceived simply as an added bonus.

Not having a human support team

Chatbots are beneficial in many ways, one of those being the ability to have an interaction with customers in a natural way. However, Chatbots have a limit as to how functional they can be. For example, if a customer reaches out with a complex or tricky question a bot may not be able to respond with a sufficient solution that will satisfy the customer. Therefore, the importance of establishing a balance of Chatbot and human agents comes into play. The solution to the problem above would be ensuring that a human escalation path is available so that these complex situations can be dealt with in the right way.

Not using the right tone at the right time

Just as you need to find the right function for your bot, it also needs to be designed in a way that interacts with your consumers on the same level. By doing so this creates long lasting relationships and again adds personalization to a chat.

Just as the way a bot will converse with a customer is important, what exactly is being sent is equally so. Nobody likes to receive countless messages about something they are not even interested in. That is why a bot must be able to analyse a consumer’s response and reply or communicate with the right information and at the right time. Spam messages will only lead to consumers wanting to avoid any further contact.

Lack of testing and future improvement

When introducing new tech it is always important to make sure all the appropriate tests have been done in order to fix unexpected problems that may arise when first released. This gives you the opportunity to go back and make improvements where necessary. Just as you wouldn’t release a product that doesn’t reach safety checks and quality checks, a bot should be no different. This will ensure that once your consumers interact with your Chatbots they are receiving the best service possible.

Lastly, AI is constantly improving and as Bots are underpinned by AI with these technological advancements upgrades can be made to them. This will ensure your business is staying up to date and meeting the demands of the modern consumer.

Now we know what not to do, is your business ready to utilize Chatbots to their full potential?


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