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Add Live Chat to Your Website And Improve Your Communication With Customers

Improve your communication

Live chat has become an effective means to interact with website visitors. With modern technology customers shopping habits have evolved. Today many have made the shift online. However, in doing so customers are still left with questions. Therefore, they want to seek out the solution but if there is no one to answer on the website they are more likely to leave and search for a better option. On the other hand, if a website visitor gets the option to reach out in real time via chat they get a chance to talk directly to an agent and get information about the product. Thus, live chat is key to surpassing customer expectations and maintaining relationships

Now the question is do customers really love Live chat? and why are all businesses not using a Live chat app on their website? Research has shown that 51% of customers are more likely to purchase from a website with a Live chat integration. Futhermore, Live chat proves to play a significant role in boosting business success.

What’s Not To Love?

This communication tool has become popular among consumers. It is because it is easy to use and accessible. Moreover, communication via messaging apps is simple and quick. People send their message in seconds and receive an answer just as fast. In fact, 79% of customer surveyed in Kustomers report show interest in Live chat and are frustrated when it is not available as an option.

Live chat gives customers that fast paced service they seek. Therefore, It is no wonder 90% of customers are happy and satisfied when they get an immediate response.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Use Chat?

Customers are welcoming the Live chat benefits. Although it has many advantages only 25% of businesses use this app while others ignore it. Those who have not implemented Live chat on their website say that one reason is they lack time and because of internal challenges. Futhermore, one striking reason is that they believe customers do not like to use it. This could not be futher from the truth. Live chat is quick and simple to set up and more importantly as mentioned…Customers love it! with Live chat showing a 92% satisfaction rate.

If someone considers that their business is lagging behind and customers leave the site without purchasing then one should focus on this weakness. Add the Live chat widget to provide the customer with a satisfactory response and then see a difference in the sales on your website. It is a quick way to win customer loyalty and make them a permanent part of your product sales.

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