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Apple releases new AI features!

Apple (L) AI. New AI features at last weeks keynote:

-Writing Tools: New capabilities to summarize, rewrite, and edit text across various apps.

-Personalized Images: Transform friends into cartoons with enhanced safety from deepfakes.

-Cross-App Communication: Seamlessly connect apps with commands like, “Play the podcast my wife sent me.”

-Type to Siri: A useful feature for when speaking out loud isn’t an option.

-On-Screen Siri: Siri now appears as an overlay across your phone, allowing for tasks like auto-enhancing images with a simple command.

-AirPods Integration: Use head gestures to communicate with Siri.

-ChatGPT Integration: Every user can now access ChatGPT through Siri, with more models to be added soon.

-Real-Time Translation on Apple Watch: A game-changer for travelers.

-Privacy Focus: Enhanced on-device processing ensures your data stays with you.

These updates are set to significantly enhance user experience across Apple devices. Which feature are you most excited about?

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