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Conversation24 omnichannel commerce platform integrates Tikkie payments from ABN Amro Bank

In collaboration with the Dutch payment provider Tikkie (ABN AMRO), Conversation24 launched today its latest Commerce platform, which makes it possible to order products through contact channels like WhatsApp and webchat and pay directly.


Direct payments the key success

The market of conversational commerce is rapidly growing, because of more functionalities added to contact communication channels. For example WhatsApp Business has recently made it possible for retailers to show their product catalog in a conversation or in webchat. Customer service agents could prefill a basket and do recommendations live within the conversation. However, if the customer wanted to make a purchase, there was still no option to pay directly. The Conversation24 platform now makes it possible to pay for an order immediately during the conversation, which benefits both ease of use and conversion.

Consumers can connect with brands via webchat, Whatsapp and other channels to find goods and services, make purchases, track orders and resolve issues directly in the conversation.


Gateway for conversations and payments

Over the past year, the Conversation24 development team has worked hard to integrate different communication channels, like WhatsApp Business into its platform. However, in order to have the entire process of choosing and ordering take place within a chat conversation, a payment provider was still being sought, which could help innovate. This was found in Tikkie, part of the ABN AMRO bank. The collaboration between the two companies has resulted in surprising opportunities and a platform that acts as a gateway for conversations and payments.


First customer

The Dutch shoe retailer Van den Assem is the first pilot customer to be involved in the project. ‘When we saw the first demo, we were immediately enthusiastic. WhatsApp is used so much in the Netherlands that using WhatsApp as a sales channel with a catalog is a logical next step. The payment option completes the picture. We certainly see conversational commerce as an important part of Van den Assem’s future strategy.’, Theo Sengers, Managing Director, Van den Assem.


Conversational commerce channels market rockets

The basis for the technique is Conversation24’s in-house developed software platform. CEO Nick Blom is pleased: ‘This application offers so many possibilities to immediately make a purchase in chat conversations over several channels. And why would you, as a consumer, wait if you already know what you want and can order immediately? It completes the circle for Conversational Commerce from the first moment of contact, to completing the payment. And as we all know our market is just getting started. Estimates indicate that spendings in conversational commerce will sevenfold to 290 billion dollars in 2025. I can’t be more excited for the future!’.


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