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Do you know the difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience?

At some point in our lives we have all had the opportunity to interact with a Customer Service. Today this interaction has become absolutely crucial as we see the rewards a great customer service can bring and equally the negative effects of a poor one. However, what is interesting is that today with competition rising with people moving online, businesses are pushed to perfect not only the level of customer service they provide but also to optimize their customer experience.

So what is customer experience I hear you ask and do the companies who claim to offer it actually do so?

It appears as though this might not be the case. Many businesses are mistaken in that they feel the two are the same thing. Although they both work hand in hand in achieving loyal and satisfied customers there are some fundamental differences this blog will help explain.

Let’s talk about Customer Service…

When we talk about customer service we are primarily talking about the first point of call where a customer interacts with a business, where customers can receive advice, assistance and voice their complaints. These queries are usually dealt with by trained agents who have the ability to meet customers with understanding and most importantly a fantastic knowledge of products and the brand.

A frictionless and functional customer service is now more than ever absolutely crucial for any businesses success as research has shown that there is a 60-70% likelihood that customers will return if they are happy and satisfied with the service they receive and 97% of those will go on to tell their friends and family. Not only will we see returning customers and the power of word of mouth but 70% of consumers say they would spend more money with a company that provides an excellent service.

Let’s talk about Customer Experience…

The main difference between customer experience and customer service comes from the fact that customer service is just a small cog in a big machine. Customer experience on the other hand refers to the entire overall journey the customer has with the brand from start to finish.

In more detailed terms, it is the way your customer forms their opinion on the overall experience they have had with a business. This opinion is a result of every single interaction or communication they have had throughout their journey, anywhere from going browsing the website to interacting with the customer service. When you are left with customers who are wanting to return and are overall satisfied, you are on the right track!

Getting this right is no easy fare. This is because Businesses need to make sure that all customer touch points are realized and aligned. By mapping out a customer’s journey you are able to gain an insight into where every single one of these attempts to connect with business lies and begin to put in place solutions to deal with them. An example of these solutions could be ensuring adequate training for agents so they are more prepared when dealing with customers and implementing technology solutions such as chat bots to ensure timely and frictionless responses.

The customer experience has become crucial. With more people turning to digital and online platforms and at an accelerated rate due to the pandemic, businesses are faced with new challenges they must overcome. One of those is indeed providing a frictionless customer service and experience and understanding them as two different things.


Building and maintaining loyal customers!

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