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How to Follow Up Leads Within 1 Minute

Today, we are constantly relying on our phones to handle everyday tasks. We do a lot with our smartphones, but most importantly, they keep us connected through instant messaging. One of the apps that accommodates our digital habits is WhatsApp.

So why not use it in sales? Read here why WhatsApp is the perfect channel to follow up on leads!


Why WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is by far the most popular global messaging channel with 2 billion monthly active users. But that also begs the question, are people happy to let businesses on a channel that should be personal? Well, WhatsApp did take quite a lot of care to protect its users and left it up to them to decide whether or not they wish to talk to a business via WhatsApp or not.

Also, consumers might be more upset about it if only having your favorite businesses at your fingertips wasn’t so convenient. So most people just let businesses talk to them on a channel where they feel safe and comfortable. It is a place where they already hang out anyway, which is also saving a little free time.


Lead Automation via WhatsApp to the Rescue!

The benefits of Lead Automation via WhatsApp are endless. It’s very time efficient for example. You don’t have to waste time by calling leads one by one. Reach them all at once instead, in just a matter of seconds. Besides, it can save your company a lot of money because with automating leads through WhatsApp, less employees are needed. That means it saves your company a lot of money.

If a customer is interested, they just fill in their contact details on the form. Then they can enter this data into the CRM (customer relation system) system, and a first WhatsApp message is automatically sent to the customer.


Faster and More Efficient

There are 175 million customers worldwide who message or communicate with a company on WhatsApp. That makes it faster and more efficient than a phone call or email. And even with paid leads, only up to 32% are followed up. With Lead Automation, all of them will be directly contacted through WhatsApp.

The open rate of WhatsApp is 99%, compared with 22% for email. The reason for this is that the customer has already opted-in to receive messages from you by providing their number. And if they’re willing to do this, they’re also willing to read your messages.


Never Miss a Lead Again

Never want to miss a lead again? Contact our sales department or check out this page for more information.

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