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Live Chat, A Useful Tool To Utilize

To meet the new and challenging criteria of today, live chat is the most powerful tool to communicate.


The mindset of customers has changed drastically in recent times. To meet new demands and transitioning behaviors, live chat has become a useful tool for businesses. It has greatly enhanced the experience of traditional communication.


What Customers Want Today?


Today, customers want quick access to answers to their queries while purchasing online. The customer needs assurance about the quality of the product or services, they are going to purchase. An immediate response from a business helps manage any concerns and a customer will more likely readily decide to finalize the deal. A recent study shows that up to 51% of customers like to purchase on a website that allows them to live chat.


Then why do some companies still show reluctance to use this communication channel on their websites when it has so many benefits to offer? Let’s shed some light on this issue in this blog.


What Customers Don’t Want?


Live chat is so popular because it is easily accessible. Communication through messaging is now quite a common way to interact with each other. That’s why the research results by customers show that 79% of customers get frustrated when they can’t contact dealers through the communication channels of their choice. People don’t want to wait long for answers or fill out lengthy forms just to get to speak to someone. Instant replies to their queries is great for customer satisfaction. 


If Live chat is such a useful tool, Why Not Use It?


 Live chat is welcomed and appreciated by customers. Yet a report by Kustomers shows that only 25% of the companies use this channel on their websites. There are some key reasons behind this avoidance.


  1. Lack of time and resources to implement
  2. Companies are unable to resolve internal challenges.
  3. Companies do not evaluate the effectiveness of this channel.


Research shows that using live chat as a medium of interacting with customers brings the rate of customer satisfaction to 92%.


So according to the above-mentioned facts, businesses should consider adding live chat options to their websites. Consumers want the accessibility of instant messaging. In this way, they can get quick access to information which does well for overall business sucess. The increased customer satisfaction rate, not only helps grow the company but also increases the website traffic.


So, for the growth of the company, live chat is not an option to be ignored anymore. In this fast-paced world companies also have to learn new techniques to meet the challenges of the modern era.

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