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New technologies like Live Chat still underutilized in the housing market

The housing market is always a hot topic to talk about. Real estate agents are busy, and homes are selling fast these days. Even for rental properties, it doesn’t take long before a new tenant is found. Although it would be logical for new communication technologies to be used frequently, in reality things are different. Personal or phone contact with the estate agent is still the most popular way of communication among house hunters, according to research by GetApp.


Consumers Are Interested

The research, conducted in February 2022 among Dutch home buyers and renters, shows that consumers are interested in new technologies, but that too little use is made of them.

Most buyers and renters surveyed still prefer personal (31%) or telephone (30%) contact with their real estate agent. In addition, 50% did not view a home via 360-degree images because they were not available. However, 87% would use virtual reality to view homes if it were offered. Of all respondents who did view a home that way, 98% said it was helpful. Viewing homes via images from a 360-degree camera is very popular.


Big Opportunity for Live Chat

Also, nearly two-thirds (58%) of home seekers have never used live chat when searching for a home. But of those who did use the live chat feature, 97% found it useful. Live chat can be a useful way of communication, as it allows one to ask a question quickly and anonymously and receive an immediate answer. It can be a good addition to traditional ways of communicating, especially in a market like this one.


Newly Added Houses via WhatsApp

Besides Live Chat, WhatsApp cannot be left behind of course. This is another channel that can be used very well in addition to personal or phone contact. For contact with the teal estate agent it is a quick way to communicate on an accessible platform. But it can also be used, for example, to keep clients informed of new properties that are on offer.

Do you also see the advantages of chat in the housing market? Feel free to contact us!

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