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The Essential Role of Omnichannel in the Fashion Industry

In any industry, having an omnichannel strategy is an absolute must. This is also the case for fashion brands. Customers want the same (positive) experience in the store as in the webshop. Offline and online should therefore connect seamlessly.

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Fast Innovations in Fashion

The fashion and retail industry is the largest category within e-commerce, in 2021 27.9% of the expected online revenues came from fashion. The innovations and new ideas follow each other in a rapid rate. And although we are already several years into an era where digital visibility and presence is crucial, some retailers are still struggling with this.

For a successful omnichannel strategy, you will also have to communicate with (potential) customers outside your own stores and websites. And to integrate your online and offline store, there is a range of services available that you can use such as click & collect or online ordering and returns in the store.


Great Product Description, Fewer Returns

So, it’s not enough to just have an e-commerce platform where you sell products. The competition is fierce and you need to think carefully about how you can best reach your target audience. It’s important that the product information on your website and social media is attractive. Think of a convenient catalog, good visuals, accurate descriptions, customer reviews and good technical support.

This also helps to reduce the number of returns. Indeed, nearly half (49%) of consumers returned a product in 2021 because it did not match the product description. And, you can also expand the user generated content even more by adding user-created and shared photos and videos for example.


Taking Responsibility

Sustainability and social responsibility is also a hot topic in the fashion industry. If a company claims to be sustainable, it needs to be reflected in all expressions of the brand if it wants to be seen as credible. Transparency in the product information is very important here. Consumer confidence in claims and practices regarding sustainability can be strengthened by more information about how, where and under what circumstances the products are made. Factory tours, sustainability reports and carbon footprint tracking is information that gives an additional picture of a company’s sustainability.

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