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Insights: The Pinnacle of WhatsApp Measurement / Analytics

Looking to supercharge your WhatsApp performance tracking? Dive into Insights and understand why it’s a game-changer in the realm of Business Messaging measurement.

About Insights:

– What Is It? – An advanced, independent measurement solution for WhatsApp, often dubbed as the “Appsflyer for Business Messaging”.

– Technology : At its core, it uses a semantic engine that identifies WhatsApp data, standardizing it for accurate measurement. This data can be synchronized with tools outside the WhatsApp platform.

Why Choose Insights?

1. Full Funnel Tracking : From impressions to return on investment, everything is traceable. Depending on the use case, you can define and track individual funnels.

2. Attribution Tracking :

  • Track any entry point (web, app, offline) to measure WhatsApp funnel performance.

  • Measure campaigns sent directly within WhatsApp.

  • Enables A/B testing within the WhatsApp channel.

  • Personalize user experiences on WhatsApp based on which journey converts the best for a particular audience.

3. Meta API Integration : Seamless integration with various Meta APIs allows comprehensive return on ad spend figures and optimization strategies.

4. Integrations : It supports popular digital platforms like Mixpanel, Google Analytics, and adjust, ensuring holistic performance views.

5. Solution Agnostic : Insights can be integrated with platforms like Shopify, n8n, and Smartly, with more on the horizon.

Core Benefits :

1. Performance Analysis : Understand the efficacy of different conversation sources in terms of volume, cost-per-lead, and conversion.

2. Optimization : Identify conversation drop-offs in chatbots or flows, enabling refinement for better user interaction.

3. Audience Segmentation : Get insights into user activities for effective retargeting campaigns.

4. Conversion API (CAPI) : With privileged access to Meta Conversion API features, enhance data collection and improve overall results.

For Partners :

– Incentives : Partners utilizing Insights with their clients can avail of special incentives. [More about these incentives](#).
– Distinct Advantages :
– Offer top-notch WhatsApp analytics, solidifying client relationships.
– Prove the worth of WhatsApp spending, encouraging higher client investments.
– Let partners focus on core services like chatbots while still benefiting from advanced analytics.
– Exclusive access to CAPI integrations.
– Being on the cutting edge with Meta’s advancements ensures heightened visibility.

Harness the power of Insights and redefine your WhatsApp marketing strategies! Insights is offered by our partner 360dialog.

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