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The Upcoming Revolution of Business Messaging

Before there was email, businesses would use fax, normal post and phone to keep in touch with their clients. When email came along, not everybody was eager to use it right away. They were used to doing it the way it was, and ‘it worked just fine’. But once more and more businesses started using it, it became common quickly. And there was no turning back. There are a few signs that that’s what’s happening with business messaging right now.


Business Messaging as an Accelerated Trend

Whether we want it or not, messaging has become an important part of our lives. We chat with our family, friends and colleagues, but also with businesses. There are billions of interactions between people and businesses every day. People across the world send over 140B messages on messaging apps daily, and the pandemic accelerated this trend only more.


‘The Quiet Channel Revolution Across Tech’

According to a Meta and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) research called ‘Business Messaging: The Quiet Channel Revolution across Tech’, one in three customers said they chat with businesses at least once a week. Over 40% of people said they were contacting a business more frequently compared to the pre-pandemic period. The age group of Millennials and Gen Zs are messaging businesses up to eight times a month.

And that number is only going up. Early adapters are already driving huge marketing ROI and use business messaging to support cost savings. Already 90% of businesses recognise that messaging apps are important for success and 80% of consumers want to maintain or increase their use of Business Messaging.


Critical Component

The potential of this way of communication is a new opportunity for small and large businesses in every industry to connect with their customers.

According to Tarandeep Singh, Managing Director of BCG, business messaging adoption is gaining traction beyond small businesses. ‘While smaller businesses have been using it to digitize and scale their online presence for years, large businesses now recognize messaging as a critical component of their business model. Seven in 10 large businesses rated messaging as very or extremely important to their overall business”.


Don’t Miss Out

Customers chat with businesses on a regular basis and don’t only see it as an additional channel to connect. Slowly but steadily, it’s becoming a great connector between brands and their customers. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to incorporate business messaging into your strategy right now. Contact us to learn more about it.

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