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Toom Chooses WhatsApp as Its Marketing Tool

Toom is a Do-It-Yourself store based in Germany, which combines the market-driven assortment around the topics of building and renovating. Like many other companies, they keep their customers updated on their new releases and offers by sending them regular newsletters.

However, Toom realised that chatting & messaging are the favourite activities of all internet users. Not to mention that those means of communication are more in line with the current preoccupation with reducing CO2 emissions. Whereas WhatsApp messages are opened faster, newsletters sent by emails or mailboxes usually end up in the spam folder or the bin.

Therefore, with an open rate well over 80%, Toom concluded newsletters via WhatsApp messaging were their solution.

For this, customers simply need to scan the QR code on the website to open a WhatsApp chat that redirects them to one of Toom‘s agents. After entering their postcode, not only are they provided with a selection of local markets from which they can choose their favourite, but they also receive the latest brochure from their chosen store on a regular basis.

This is only one example among uncountable ones where the new communication channels have opened up new opportunities for companies to provide immediate assistance and follow-up leads through Live Chat and Chatbot.

This innovative use of WhatsApp has surely raised Conversation24’s interest! Feel free to click here if you want to learn more about Toom’s idea.


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