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What Is Live Chat and What Is It’s Uses?

Live chat apps are very much popular among sellers and customers. But what is live chat, what are the benefits of using it and how does it work?

Phone calls do not work for clients from different time zones. Emails take too long to answer. Self-service options lack personalization and cannot cover all possible scenarios.

What’s the alternative? Live chat.

Firstly, they are convenient and easy to use; secondly, online communication takes place in real-time. And finally, problem-solving is quick and personal.

These three factors made live chats the most popular way of communicating between customers and businesses.

And there’s more: 63 percent of customers who have chatted with the company online are more likely to return.

Some Best Ways To Use Live Chat:

  • Analytic Review
  • Track the buying behavior and activities of your customers
  • To speed up the response time, build predetermined responses
  • Assignment and Transition of Chat
  • Collect ratings

Live Chat As Customer Service

Live chat and customer service are a match made in heaven, without a doubt. All that the clients and agents need is all wrapped in one pretty little chat box. To make the connection as polished and frictionless as possible, images, links, and files can be submitted inside the chat. Just to name a few, live typing, chat switch, and predetermined repossess would bring the cherry on top of the already iced cake that contributes to satisfied customers.

As a Way of Marketing

Big marketing messages that are glamorous are not necessarily as useful as you would imagine. It can be much harder to market items or encourage clients to purchase something this way than to a buyer who is browsing with intent or pursuing their usual buying patterns. A customer enters your website and starts a discussion. They already have one foot in the door as they show interest. As buyers are more inclined to respond favorably, this is a perfect opportunity for agents to drive sales via live chat.

Cross-selling and Upselling: By alerting them to what’s new or what special deals are on, encourage customers to buy similar or higher-end products.

Sharing resources: Sending customers links, images, or files to generate more leads.

Proactiveness: The fantastic thing about live chat is that it’s active. You can reach out and help them complete their journey with your company if your visitors are stuck on a page with a chatbot or agent by giving them a little gentle nudge in the correct direction.

Use Live chat for creating ease and relationships with clients in business.

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