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What Is Managed Live Chat and How Does It Work?

Research has shown that about 73% of customers consider Live Chat the most satisfactory form of communication with a company. So it is a must for every business to have.

You can choose to have the chat staffed by your own employees. But then you run the risk that chats are sometimes slower answered, or not answered outside office hours. To solve this problem, there is Managed Live Chat. With Managed Live Chat, a team of trained chat operators is responsible for the chat on your website.

Read more about Managed Live Chat and its advantages in the article below.


What Is Managed Live Chat?

Managed Live Chat, also known as Live Web Chat, is a service that allows customers to communicate with the company whose website they are visiting. The chat is controlled by a human chat operator who interacts with your visitors if they want to. This means hiring an outside company with trained chat operators to answer the chats for you in no time.

Live Chat has a lot to offer to both B2C, and B2B markets. It is used by businesses to provide customers with real time support, answer questions, and guide customers through the buying process. With this, you can strengthen trust, and increase profits.


More Than Just Chatting

In addition, Live Chat Operators often engage in proactive chat. That means they contact visitors themselves. They will do this for example if they are an existing customer, or if they have visited the website before. These pop-up chat messages may contain sentences such as: “How can I help you?”, to more specific ones such as “Are you satisfied with the product you recently purchased?”. They can also provide suggestions and recommendations, and offer alternative options if a product is out of stock or too expensive.

A big advantage is that human Live Chat agents, unlike chatbots, can have authentic and empathetic conversations with customers and solve complicated problems. Consumers often prefer to talk to a real person anyway, rather than a bot. Human chat operators can improvise and customize answers according to your brand identity and to the customer. So it makes for a better overall experience. This helps your brand build meaningful relationships with your customer base.


The Benefits of Managed Live Chat


24/7 Availability

People can come to your website at many different times, so your chat should also be available at all times. With your own employees, this is probably quite difficult. But with managed chat, you can be available 24/7.


Chats Are Always Answered on Time

Suppose someone wants to quickly ask something about a product during their lunch break. Then they don’t want to have to send an email or call customer service. With Live Chat, they only have to go to the brand’s website and click on the pop up. If they start a chat, we at Conversation24 answer that chat within 30 seconds.


It Can Be Cheaper

Depending on the number of chats, managed live chat could even be cheaper than doing the chat yourself. You do have to take several factors into account, such as additional staff you may have to hire because you have too many chats. Or that you’re missing leads because you’re not available after office hours.


Less Incoming Phone/Mail Traffic, More Time for Sales

Because you can answer more questions quickly through chat, the other channels are less busy. This leaves the sales department with more time for sales, instead of the phone ringing all the time.


Chat Operators Are Trained in Converting and Generating Leads

Chat operators are trained in how to convert and generate leads the best way possible. As a company, you can make optimal use of the knowledge and expertise of the agents, and thus get more leads.


Peak Moments in the Chat Are Taken Care Of

If activities have to be combined, or if there are not that many people who can take care of chats, there is a good chance that chats will not be answered as quickly. Especially during peak moments, the pace is often high. With Managed Live Chat, the chat operators are trained to handle these moments.


No Need to Train Your Chat Operators Yourself

Besides the fact that you don’t have to hire new staff or combine their duties, it’s also nice that you don’t have to train your chat operators yourself.


Are you interested in Managed Live Chat? At Conversation24 we have Chat Operators available in 5 languages; English, Dutch, French, Spanish and German. Please contact us for more information about the possibilities.

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