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What Should You Know About Live Chat?

Customers are now using live chat for a handful of reasons. Firstly, It is an easy way of contacting businesses for information about service or product. Secondly, It is an easy way to reduce the customer effort, win customer loyalty as well as improve sales. And finally, It is a great way to optimize your customer service. It is now more than ever so important for companies to have the best customer service to get a positive response and boost their sales.

Customers who show interest in using the live chat app are more likely to buy. This is because they have already shown interested in purchasing a product but  just have a few questions to help make that final decision. When they have the option to communicate with an agent in realtime they get rid of confusion or doubt and go on to buy the product. Businesses are now adding a live chat option to their websites to enhance customer satisfaction as well as helping to inform visitors about the product or service.

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of live chat then you should know the following facts about it.

Use of The Proactive Approach

Using the proactive approach can help to improve conversions. Customers no longer need to search the web for the phone number or email of a customer service team that may take days to reply. Additionally, businesses no longer need to wait for that first moment of interaction. Instead, a widget will immediately pop-up to grab the website visitors attention. “How can i help you today?”

Placement of Widget At The Right Place is Important

Make sure the widget is accessible to customers. You should design your website in a way that when a customer reaches your platform, the widget must pop up immediately. Moreover, choose the right position. It must be on the right or left corner of the page. For the right placement, you should identify the live chat goals for the support team. The main purpose is to increase the chat numbers as well as enhance communication.

Try to keep it in a visible and identical place on all of your websites pages. Moreover, it should be interesting and welcoming so users feel comfortable to immediately start an interaction with your business.

A Widget on Desktop and Mobile

Many websites offer live chat on desktop mode sites but do not on mobile sites. Live chat widget must be available in both desktop and mobile versions. It is because most people now use mobile to do online shopping or to avail a service. Therefore, your website design must support a widget that easily runs on a cell phone as well.

Help your customers to buy your products by responding to them in a positive way, for this, live chat makes an effective solution. Keep it prominent, have an online agent that communicates immediately with prospects, and keep it responsive. Thus, it will help your business to get a new turn and you will definitely get a positive outcome.

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