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WhatsApp as a Successful Marketing Tool

Did you know that the open rate of email is only 15%? Much less if you compare it to WhatsApp, where the change of your message being viewed is 99%. And with all the rapid developments going on with WhatsApp, it only makes sense that you take advantage of it as a business.

Read here why WhatsApp is the ideal channel to use for marketing!


Instant Conversion Increase

Besides being able to use the popular messaging platform to stay and get in touch with customers, WhatsApp is also perfect to use as a marketing tool. You reach a wide audience, build a personal connection with customers and can ultimately increase your conversion rate significantly.


Get rid of Unopened Emails

The aim of many marketing communications is often to obtain contact details of potential customers. This allows you to continue your marketing in a more personal way. Usually, this is done via emails.

But because people are being emailed so much by companies these days, chances are they pay little attention to it, or don’t even open the emails. In fact, email only has an open rate of 15%, which means 85% of the people you send an email to don’t even look at it.


Instant Messaging Is the Future

But what does work? Instant messaging: messages and conversations. The place where people send the most messages on is WhatsApp, with 2 billion users worldwide. Sot it’s a great way to connect with customers, specially since WhatsApp’s open rate is 99%. In fact, 80% of messages are seen within 5 minutes.

As many as 80% of messages sent via WhatsApp, are seen within 5 minutes.


Stay in Touch With Your Customers

But the popular messaging platform has even more advantages for marketing. You can communicate more personally because a real conversation can take place, and using emojis and stickers, for example, already makes the conversation feel more human.

You can also work with interactive reply buttons and encourage contacts for repeat purchases such as keeping them informed about offers and new products. Or send automatic messages, for example when they abandon their shopping cart or when their trial period is about to expire. With WhatsApp messages for abandoned shopping carts, you can recall 60% of customers.

In addition, WhatsApp is suitable for both large and small businesses. WhatsApp business is free, so even businesses with a small budget can use it. For larger businesses, there is WhatsApp Business API.


Take the Next Step With Conversation24

It is important to always keep improving as a business to stay one step ahead of the competition. Start using WhatsApp as a marketing tool now with Conversation24, and stay ahead of the market. Click here for more information and advice or start your free trial.

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