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Why You Should Use Chat for Internal Communication

With more people working from home these days, and most likely continue to do so in the future, good internal communication is crucial. Having good communication between all your employees is priority number one. It helps to work more efficiently, and ultimately to achieve better business results.

There are a number of channels that you can use for this. But chat is most suitable for this form of communication. Why? Find out in this article!


So, Why Use Chat for Internal Communication?

Every company consists of separate departments. These teams are often located in different offices, floors or branches. But the workflows and work processes need to stay in sync to pursue the same business goals. Good internal communication is the perfect solution for this.

Chat is the best way to communicate effectively with colleagues. By using chat, communication is possible on both sides, instead of one-way. There are also a lot of possibilities with chat, such as audio and video chatting, and sharing files and screens with each other. This way of communicating is much more direct and collaborative than, say, email, apps, or an intranet. In addition, with a chatbot, about 90 percent of messages are read within 3 minutes. That’s a lot faster than through other forms of communication.


Chat for Everything?

Chat is one of the best ways to communicate one-on-one with team members. But it’s a different story with company announcements for example. If you put them in an email, it’s often so much text and so boring that no one wants to read these announcements. And using chat individually with each employee is almost impossible and very time consuming.

In addition, the text in the chat must also be formulated in a shorter and more concise way than in an email. Chat messages are often short and sweet to write, and therefore easy to read.


Chatbots Are the Road to Success

One way to send chats to everyone in a company without wasting much time is to use chatbots. Chatbots are the ideal way to communicate with employees about internal issues. Say everyone needs to update a form for HR, a chatbot can send this form to everyone at once. Then they can send a follow-up message to remind those who haven’t submitted it yet.

Chatbots can also be useful for reporting accidents or maintenance requests. Complete with time, date and photo. Or you can inform your employees in advance about bad weather and road closures.

In addition, a chatbot is a good way to involve employees in your company, and keep them informed about things within the company. For example, a reminder for the launch of a new campaign or sale. With a chatbot, you can quickly see who has read the message, who has responded, and who needs another reminder.


Onboarding Made Easy

A chatbot can also offer many advantages for the onboarding process of new employees. For example, they can always contact the chatbot with questions about the company. Reminders and questions related to filling out forms can also be done with the chatbot.

This way, they don’t have to draft an email and wait for an answer. And they don’t have to dig through a 100-page company handbook either.

So with an internal chatbot, you can offer your employees a convenient way to ask questions that can be answered immediately. It’s a kind of virtual assistant for the entire company that has super-fast access to information. Want to see all the possibilities with Live Chat for your website? Contact us to learn more about our products!

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