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Winter Tires and Chat!

After speaking with countless retail companies that service cars, we’ve noticed one thing. Nobody knows which winter tires they need for their car.  Even if you think you know, you probably aren’t sure enough about it to instantly select and order the ones that fit you.  Although, at the same time, you also don’t want to go out to the store.

E-commerce is great, but it just doesn’t really cater to these complex products like winter tires. A mistake here is not only potentially expensive – but also costs you a lot of time. Therefore, customer care or company representatives are so important. Especially when it’s a product you do care about, but not enough to figure everything out yourself. A direct line of contact can fix that immediately and especially chat works great for this business case.

Chat is not only preferred by 68% of consumers over phone and email (State of messaging, 2019), but it is also capable of sending images and providing options with conversational commerce to integrate payment in the same conversation. We’re not saying you shouldn’t own a website, but we are saying this channel can service particular customers in a way your website could never do. To go even further, your regular sales team probably can’t do 6 conversations simultaneously. With chat you can.

Discover how we can bring you that step closer to your customers through the power of Chat!


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