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3 Interesting Customer Journey Examples to Inspire You

What do Ikea, Lego and Dapper Apps have in common? That’s Right! They have a great customer journey experience! It’s always a good idea to look at some examples of different customer journey maps for inspiration. Below we give some customer journey examples that have been very effective for these companies.

A customer journey visually represents every touchpoint with your business. It is a strategic model that can help your business identify what customer needs you can invest in more. Do you want to know a few other reasons why a good customer journey is important? Go ahead and read this article first.


Ikea’s Customer Journey

First off is the map from department store Ikea. This one depicts the journey of a customer visiting the store.

With this map, they have provided insight into what opportunities and improvements are still ahead of them. Where is the customer experience not optimal yet. In other words, why and how would you improve it? It’s a simple map where it’s easy to see what they do well (in the green), and what can be better (in the red).

If you visit the Ikea store, you also go through this entire customer journey as shown in the map. So, you can probably think about whether it comes close to your own experience in the store.Customer journey examples


Lego’s Customer Journey

The second example is Lego. As a child, almost everyone played with it, and it is still one of the most popular types of toys. Why would that be? Well, because they know exactly what their customers like and don’t like. But we’re not going to talk about Lego’s customer journey here, because Lego has designed a special ‘experience wheel’ as a template map. They made this one for booking a plane trip to New York.

It shows different specific personas, levels of experiences, and the ultimate goal of the experience in a simple way. In addition, it shows each step with a corresponding emotion: positive, negative or neutral. This way they can see very clearly which areas need improvement.

customer journey examples


Dapper Apps’ Customer Journey

Dapper Apps is an Australian company that develops apps. They specialize in designing and developing innovative apps for IPhone, Android, Windows and desktops. Their target group consists mainly of startups. And of people with an original idea but without the technical knowledge to make an actual app. They have created this customer journey below to better understand their target group.

The map focuses on 5 phases: research, comparison, workshop, quote and sign-off. With this they want to explore the uncertainties and questions customers have at the beginning of the process. And figure out what the best way is to communicate and provide value.

customer journey examples

We hope these examples have given you some fresh insights into creating or optimizing your customer journey.

Is there an area for improvement in (one of) your customer service channels? If so, take a look at this page to find out what the options are for you.

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