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5 Essential Tips for Chat Operators to Increase Productivity

Are you using the best live chat software on the market? And yet, is there no productive response? Well, then maybe you need to optimize your live chat process.

Only using a live chat software is not enough. Your chat operators must go through basic training to be able to handle a chat. This training should involve all the main rules that make a chat more ‘human’. Many live chat operators tend to get bored with the everyday chat processes. This may make their responses sound automated or ‘robotic’. This can be a red flag, especially when you want to maximize customer satisfaction. 

For this reason, we have come up with 5 essential tips for chat operators to increase their productivity. Let’s discuss each, one by one:

  • Keep the Chat Response Under 10 to 15 Seconds

The main point of having a live chat button on your website is to provide immediate help. If your customer has to wait in a ‘queue’ to get his problem solved, what’s the point? So, if your website has a chat button, make sure your chat operators are responsive and fast.

You can ask your operators to have their notifications turned on. This would help them know when they receive a chat!

Pro-tip for Chat Operators: A chat operator has to stay alert and have their chat software open in front of them. This would help them be fast responders.

  • Use Saved Messages for Frequently Asked Questions

This is a technique that most live chat software allows. For frequently asked questions, you can use ‘saved messages’. Having answers composed for such questions can help you keep your responses quick.

Let’s suppose a customer asks you about the payment methods your website accepts. If you have an answer saved for it, you can make a few clicks or simple use a hashtag, and you are done. This way the customer will get his answer and you can complete the chat in no time.

  • Make Sure That You Are Brief With Your Responses!

Research shows that the attention span of  a customer is very short. This is why your chat responses need to be really short and to the point. Otherwise, the customer might not even bother staying to talk to you.

  • Have Good Product Knowledge!

You need to be aware of your policies and your product to handle a chat efficiently! This is because the customer comes to you for help. But if you are not aware of the product yourself, how would be of any help?

This is why you need to have a firm grasp of the product and services.

  • Have Regular Quality Assurance Done on the Chats Your Operators Handle!

The quality Assurance Department can resolve this issue. The people working in this department would keep a check on the chats. They would provide feedback to the operators on their chats. Their feedback can help the operators know the do’s and don’ts of chat handling. 

Following these five essential tips would definitely optimize the chats on your website

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