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Qualities and Skills Your Chat Operators Need to Have

You will think that all it takes to be a chat operator is just a few simple things. Anyone can be a chat operator. Well, not quite true. There are certain qualities and skills that a chat operator must have in order to perform in the best way possible. 

To be in the customer service field is not an easy thing. And it is very important how you treat the customers. It is essential to do that with high quality. This is why not everyone can be a chat operator. But what are the skills and qualities that they need to have? Let’s find out. 


Technical Skills

Of course, if you are to be working with chat software and on a computer in general, you need some technical skills. A chat operator needs to be somewhat tech-savvy and to know their way around a computer. 


Typing Speed

As part of the technical skills, typing speed is also crucial when it comes to being a chat operator. Speed is very important in leading a conversation over chat with customers. This is why respectively, one should be able to type really fast. There are many speed tests online, where anyone is able to check their typing speed. It is a good idea to include this kind of test in the hiring process. 



It is a crucial skill when it comes to dealing with customers. Most people are turning to customer service because they are confused or frustrated. They might not be able to understand everything that is explained to them right away. 

This is why it is important for the person that would be dealing with them to be someone that has patience. And someone that really is listening to the customer and trying to understand, rather than trying to get rid of them as fast as possible.


Clear Communication

The chat operator needs to be great at communicating. This is a must as the customer needs to be well understood, to be explained things in a way they can understand, and to be listened to. These are all parts of great communication and the people from the customer service department need to have it all. 


Problem-solving Skills

Another big thing when it comes to customer service is the ability to solve problems that have arisen. Especially when it comes to a situation that is new and not well-known. 

Even if the customer is not able to explain the situation well enough, the chat operator needs to know how to deal with it. They need to be able to think out of the box and find solutions for their customers. 


Product Knowledge

This is of course a must. You can’t have representatives that don’t know what they are representing. The whole team needs to know the product and services by heart. And they need to be always updated in case something changes. 

Ongoing training for the product should also be present. You need to have a well-prepared team of chat operators that will be able to help your customers in the best way possible. And will communicate the correct information. 


Stress Resistant 

Being a chat operator and part of the customer service team can be very stressful. When many angry customers are contacting the team or if it is very busy, the stress levels can quickly rise. 

This is why for this role, you need people that can handle stressful situations well and are don’t lose it too quickly. You need people that remain calm and can handle the cases the right way. 


Closing Ability

Being able to end the conversation in a positive way, making sure the customer is satisfied is also an important skill. The customer needs to feel that everything he/she came for will be taken care of. And they have had all their questions answered. 

It is not good to end the conversation when the customers have other things to ask. So make sure, the chat operators always ask if there is anything else they can help with. And that they close the conversation when there is nothing else to be discussed. 


Willingness to Learn

Last but not least, there should be a willingness to learn. This is a general one, but it is one of the most important qualities and skills. Even if they are not currently the best chat operators, if they have the will to learn, they will get better and better.

If they want to know the product and services inside out, if they want to know how to get better at handling customers, communicating, etc. And if they do what it takes to improve, then everything will be okay. It means you have a great team of chat operators. 


These and many more are the qualities and skills that it is best for your chat operators to have. Dealing with customers is not for everyone. But all customers need to be treated in a well-mannered and professional way. Succeeding in business means having a successful customer service team. 


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