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6 Ways to Follow up for an Amazing Customer Service

Following up with a customer is just as important as the customer service itself. Sealing the deal is just half of the job done. After that, you need to show the customer that you were not only about the sale. But that you genuinely care about them. And that you care about providing the best experience even once the sale is done.

This way your customers will feel that they really matter to you and your business. It is obvious that you are not just after their money, but you want to make it a two-way street, where both sides are equally important and favored. Here are some things you can do to follow-up on customers that will achieve an even better customer service experience. 

Show Gratitude

The first thing you need to do is say “Thank you!”. You need to make sure the customer knows that you are grateful for their purchase and for using your service. After all, there will be no business if there are no customers, right? So you need to be grateful and you need to show it to each and every customer of yours! 

With this, you not only show your appreciation, but you establish constant contact with the customer for the future. You can always include the business’ contact information in the follow-up so that they know what they need to do in case they need further assistance. 

Provide a Post-Sale Customer Service

For some businesses, customers need additional information on how to use their product or service. It will be great if, after the sale, the customer doesn’t need to contact the business additionally, asking where to start. But you provide them with the first step on how to use your product right after the sale. 

Simply sending them a short step-by-step manual, plus some additional information can make a big difference. It will be highly appreciated by your customers and they will feel cherished. They will know they can count on you even after the deal is closed.

There’s a New Feature? – Let Them Know With a Follow-up

Another good practice is letting your customers know when something changes. Especially if the change will affect them in some way. Explaining why these changes and how will help them a lot in using your product or service. 

It is also good to make a short comparison between the old and new features so they can spot the value right there. If it is needed, a small manual or FAQ on the new feature could also be useful. 

Ask to Provide Help

In case you notice your customers are not very engaged with the product they have purchased, you can always ask if they need help. It could be that even after the manuals are sent, there is something they don’t understand. 

This simple act of care for the customer can make a big difference and can also provide you with very valuable feedback. So you can help your customers by letting them also help you and your business. It’s a great follow-up. And one of the best ways to do it is via live chat. 

Follow-up With Offering More

Very beneficial for both sides is when you know your customers and you offer them products that you know they might benefit from. It can be products that are in addition to something they have already bought. And something that can be of great use for their interests. 

Upselling is never a bad idea. This way you may help your business by showing how much you care about your customers. And you may help your customers to find exactly what they are looking for. Win-win. 

Send Helpful Articles

Last, but not least is sending articles that are in tune with their interests and needs. Short entertaining articles will remind the customers of your business, while also giving them helpful tips on something they are interested in. 

This helps with maintaining relationships with your customers. And it shows you never forget about them. It is a great practice that can win a lot of hearts and a lot of loyal customers. To have more loyal customers, be loyal to them first! 

To combine these all and provide the best customer service ever, start with Conversation24 today!


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