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A Chatbot: A Powerful Tool to Connect With Customers


Chatbots are part of the robot family. They are great at assisting and communicating with customers or website visitors. If you are wondering what chatbots are and how they work, then let’s explore these innovative digital robots together!

What Is a Chatbot?

Many times it happens when you open a website a robot appears on the screen. The main objective of this clever tool is to help you. It may ask if you have any question or queries? In this way, you get an impression assistance is available about a service or product and you can start your customer journey. The chatbots work with specific methods. The developer adds keywords related to products, their specifications, and uses. So when you ask something, the bot finds the answer related to the keyword you have written. It communicates with text to text conversation of by text to voice conversation method.

Chatbots work by completing the action based on the algorithms and particular triggers that the developer adds in whilst in creation. This is a wonderful tool that helps customers and provides them with a great customer service experience.

How Do Chatbots Work?

Chatbots use different methods to assist the customers and users. The first method is pattern matching. When someone asks a question, it matches the keywords already fed to it in its system. It matches that word and provides the answer. However, this method is only able to provide a limited answer to the user.

The other method is through the use of algorithms. In this process, for each question, there is a particular pattern. In this way, it gives an authentic answer and creates a manageable system.

The artificial neural network is the third method that breakdown message into different words. Each message is used for the neural network. A neutral network is proportional to the accuracy. The more the network grows more it will provide accuracy to the solution to common queries.

Chatbots – Better Customer Experience

The use of Chatbots by businesses have produced many successful examples. Its usage is gaining in popularity as it is making communication valuable. Therefore, companies are utilizing innovative technology to help the customers fast and effeciently. Chatbots when used with live chat offer an excellent customer experience. It is the best way to reply to the customers in the right way.

In conclusion, chatbots can be a very powerful addition to the customer experience strategy of any business. To extract the best out of chatbots, companies need to know how to use them effectively. Understanding what chatbots are and how to train them is the first step in creating a strong digitally-enhanced customer experience strategy.

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