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Adyen 2020 report shows changes on US consumers’ shopping habits

Adyen recently released a report that sheds light on how US consumers’ shopping habits have changed during the pandemic and what we can expect after things start to settle down.

Adyen announced that they had seen a 60% increase in online retail numbers than that of the start of the year. It emphasizes a huge shift to online purchasing due to the pandemic. However, there’s a change that will have some lasting effects to this move online on consumer behavior, even post-pandemic. Some individuals say they will be excited to return to the physical shops. However, 41% said they would shop online more than they did before the pandemic.

Shopping Habits Changed and Consumers Are Now More Interested in Brand Loyalty

Interestingly, we can see some significant changes even though the unemployment rate is at an all-time high. Brand loyalty and customer experience are what people seem to be more interested in than price. Businesses that invested time and resources into ensuring that they provide customers with an overall functional and efficient experience online made a lasting impression on consumers. Therefore, they have been the most successful during this crisis.

Customer loyalty has also appeared to be affecting the way people in the US are shopping. Nearly half of those surveyed said they want to make sure local shops and restaurants survive and will shop to support them. 69% say that they wanted to keep on shopping with establishments they relied on during the crisis and a further. And 63% announced they wished to support those located nearby to ensure they stayed open.


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