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Benefits of Managed Chat

For many online businesses, the holiday season works as a test to see if the website is working properly. It also provides enough feedback to analyse customers’ satisfaction levels. Cnsumers abandon their baskets if the website is too slow, or if they cannot find answers to their questions. Nowadays, high performance is crucial to improve lead generation and conquer long-time costumer’s loyalty.

Businesses that offer managed chat on their websites have definitely an advantage over the others. It’s quick, efficient and perfect for customers who want to save some time while shopping online. Statistics reinforce that data: customers who use live chat spend up to 60% more per purchase than those who don’t.

We listed the four major benefits of using managed chat in your customer support strategy. 


Faster Customer Support 

Let’s start with the design. Looking for the customer service section of each website takes time, and may not be easy to find occasionally. Live chat has the advantage of being easily displayed. A window is strategically located on the corner of the website, just a click away for an undecided customer. 

Chatbots are handy indeed, serving almost like an interactive FAQ. However, there isn’t any live agent behind it, leading to frustration for many customers. Believe it: customers are pleasantly surprised when they can solve an issue in a few minutes. No need to send an email and wait patiently. With managed chat, they can get their answers right away. 


Manage Chat Saves Time for Other Departments 

Even within a customer support team, there are different categories. Some people are in charge of the telephone, others of the emails, and so on. Solving small issues quickly over live chat can save a lot of time for other departments. 

Moreover, depending on how the conversation is going, live chat can also offer an opportunity to upsell. Why not propose a jacket for someone who just asked about the size guide for a pair of trousers?


Customize and Make It More Personal

Customers love to be treated with kindness, and they do appreciate special attention. For instance, with live chat features, there is the possibility to choose if the location and the last items checked by the customer will be visible or not.

It is also possible to check the history of the conversation so that the customer doesn’t have to explain everything again. And it doesn’t stop there: live chat platforms are pretty intuitive, and you can have it with your brand’s face!


Offer Multiple Languages Within a Single Managed Chat Window

Is your company international, with customers who speak at least four different languages? No problem. No need to hire new people and train a whole team from scratch. Companies like Conversation 24 have teams ready and settled to help you in five languages: English, Dutch, French, German, and Spanish.

All you need to do is provide information on the products and services proposed by your company, and we will be in charge to train our teams to deliver high-quality services with live chat. 


Want to learn more? Have a look at our pricing or message us!

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