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Big Benefits Of Live Chat

Live chat is the number one customer service tool that helps businesses connect with their customers. There are a lot of benefits associated with live chat. Here are just a few!


Speedy responses

The first thing associated with live chat is the way its provides a speedy interaction between customer and business. Because of this It is hugely beneficial for customer service efforts. Through this agents can respond quickly and help customers to make buying decisions. 

The best thing about live chat is that there is no lengthy processes. You simply open the website and a live chat window will pop up for you to start communicating with the agent. Moreover, the agent responds quickly. Customer do not have to wait for a reply as previously they would have done with traditional customer support communication channels such as email. It is a one to one chat system where there is no need to wait.


Boost Your Average Purchase Amount

It is observed that with the live chat app sales can increase up to 60%. This is the case for a few reasons. First of all, the upselling agent has the opportunity to contact the customer and recommend a better service, increasing the purchasing amount. Secondly, an agent can sell additional products that is related to the iniditial product in question. This can result in larger checkout baskets. Therefore, we can see that through the use of chat an agent can provide multiple offers thus improving the average purchasing amount. 


Less and Less Forsaken Carts

Most people leave the cart filled without ever checking-out because they find no one to answer their questions. Forsaken carts may be a result of doubt concerning the product. However, if the website offers a live chat solution, a customer can easily reach out for guidance. An agent can then direct a customer through their whole journey prompting them to move past the checkout stage resulting in a sale.  Thus, if you want to see improvement with less forsaken carts then it’s a good idea to implement this communication tool. 


Conversion Rate to the Sky

Sales can increases exponentially if agents build trust with the customers. In this way abandonment rate is transformed to conversion rate. Moreover, when customers get a solution they are more likely to add products to the cart and proceed to checkout. Thus, it results in an overall improvement in the sale of a product or service. Live chat is a wonderful app for companies who want to boost their sales and want to win customer loyalty.


Fewer Agents – More Work Done

When companies offer telephonic communication, most customers get busy lines. Thus, they get frustrated when having to wait for long periods of time. In contrast, the live chat option is available for all at in an instance. Everyone can communicate with the agent immediately without waiting. The operator can handle 6 chats at one time meaning more of your customer are getting the help they deserve. 


Now you know the big benefits of chat why don’t you get started today! 

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