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Building and Maintaining loyal customers!

Satisfied and loyal customers are at the heart of every business. They are needed for them to thrive and grow. Statistics have shown that the probability of selling to loyal and existing customers is at a high 60-70% while selling to new customers is only between 5-20%. Digitalisation has allowed for businesses to better connect with these customers but also introduced some challenges along the way. Here are some tips and tricks to win the hearts of those customers and keep them coming back for more! 

Offer a great Customer service For Customer Loyalty

Today good customer care is pivotal to ensuring your businesses success. It plays a huge part in gaining those loyal customers. Statistics reveal that a whopping 93% of customers will likely make a repeat purchase with businesses. If they offer excellent customer service. In contrast, another survey showed that in 2020, 42% of respondents said they had left a business due to poor customer service. 

Word of mouth has become a powerful and cost-effective tool for businesses to organically make use of. 77% of the respondents asked said they would recommend a business to  friends after having a positive experience. This indeed highlights the need to ensure frictionless and effective customer service. Not only keep those loyal customers returning but in order to gain new customers as well. 

Time is of the essence

Today we are seeing attention spans getting shorter and response times getting faster! As the new generations take their seat at the head of the consumer table, keeping them interested is a challenge. Gone are the days that customer queries and complaints can be expected to be handled in days. Now the general response time is around 2.5 seconds. Although this may seem impossible technological advancements have allowed for this to thankfully be so with the introduction of chatbots. Implementing them into your customer service strategy will ensure you say ahead of the game. And competition in the market with speedy response times.

Don’t rely too heavily on technology

As mentioned above, the implementation of chatbots has been truly beneficial in increasing efficiency and response time. However, there are issues that come with fully automated chats and therefore having the opportunity to also interact with a human being is still very much important to customers looking to interact with a business. Keeping that balance in mind is key so the benefits of each can be utilized and in doing so help build those relationships with customers that last. 

Be present on different channels

Being available across different channels can keep a business relevant and available. Today, customers are wanting to interact with business the same way in which they would a friend and on the platforms they are most comfortable with. Additionally, with the constant technological advancements, it has become crucial for business to consistently update and add the relevant channels to their communication strategy or they will simply fall behind competitors. 

Furthermore, another great use of being present on a diverse range of channels is that this is a fantastic way for a business to pass along important information such as deals, reminders, rewards etc. to customers and reach a wider target audience. 

Build Customer Loyalty with Rewards

Speaking of rewards! By offering rewards or loyalty points to your most loyal customers it can motivate them to remain as such. Additionally, it gives other customers a great reason to strive to reach that level. So they too can reap the benefits that come with that status. With 58.7% of internet users believing that rewards and loyalty points are an important part of the shopping experience and 75% saying they favour companies that offer such, it is clear that in offering such things it would be a sure way to keep your loyal customer happy and returning. After all loyal customers spend 67% more than new ones and who wouldn’t want that? 


Keeping up to date with payment plans such as buy now pay later which has become very popular amongst younger consumers and also payment through chat is another key component to think of. This has introduced a new way for consumers to shop where not only do they no longer need to leave a single platform to complete their journey with a business, but can also be flexible when it comes to payments. 

No matter big or small, customer loyalty is so important to any business. Gaining these customers can come from many different directions  but most importantly at the core of it all is the positive experiences they have had and remember when interacting with a business. 

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