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Chat and Pay: Improving Customer Experience

Live chat has been gaining a lot of popularity in the last few years. And especially after the pandemic hit. Many people are looking for the live chat button when visiting any website. Statistics show that 51% of them are willing to stay if the website offers live chat. Imagine how much more would want to stay by providing not only live chat, but the “chat and pay” option?

Live chat is the preferred way for customers to communicate with their favorite brands. And this is to be increased even more with the option for them to pay straight into the chat! Conversational payments are an innovative and unique way to improve customer experience even more! 



Customers can come to you with all kinds of questions. The easiest and fastest way for them to receive an answer is through live chat. It is preferred over any other channel by 41% of the consumers

From general questions on how the website works to specific product/services questions, customers are welcome to ask anything with just one click. And agents on the chat are ready to answer everything within a few minutes. How can this channel not be preferred by anyone? 



Providing exceptional customer service is very important. And it is easier than ever to do so with live chat. With the easy-to-use platform and the time you have to formulate all your answers the best way possible, great customer service is now an easy task. 

But if you think it cannot get any better, think again! Even the exceptional customer service can be improved. And this is easily done with the help of paying in chat. Yes, you read it correctly! Customers can now talk to you and pay directly in the chat! 

With the pay-in-chat option, customers can sit and relax, while the agent is doing everything for them. They show the items available, select the ones the customer wants, and prepare everything. When all is set and done, the customer receives a payment link in the chat and gets redirected to their bank provider to complete the transaction. Yes, it is that easy and that convenient! 

Customers that receive such an amazing service, would certainly be coming back. If all they need to do is tell the agent what they want and then approve the transaction, they will gladly use the same services again. This saves them a lot of time, and that is highly important nowadays. 


Chat and Pay Now

Being able to be one of the top companies when it comes to customer service is crucial. The whole business depends on this. And now you can do that by simply adding live chat to your website, but live chat that also has the conversational payment option available. 

To be on the top, look no further and sign up with us today! We have everything you and your customers need under one roof!  

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