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Chatbot Trends for 2021

Chatbots – those little helpers that appear on the screen while we’re browsing a website. More and more companies realize how important having a chatbot, live chat or the combination of the two on their websites is. With people increasingly shifting to the online world, having a better customer service channel is vital. 

And chatbot just like live chat is one of these. It provides the customer with fast and accurate responses. And it is always available for them. In case the customer has more complex questions, the chatbot can transfer the conversation to a human agent. 

There are many features of the chatbot at the moment and it is constantly in development. So that the cute robot waving at your customers, becomes smarter and smarter. So looking ahead, what are the chatbot trends and forecasts for 2021? Well, read on!


Key Chatbot Statistics

To be able to better understand the importance of chatbots, it is best to look at some statistics. They speak for themselves. 

  • Chatbots Can Answer up to 80% of the Standard Questions

This is a huge number of questions if you think about it. And they are all answered without the need of a real human. This lowers the costs drastically. 

  • To Be More Specific, Having a Chatbot Cuts off Operational Costs by up to 30%

All you need to do is work on the chatbot flow at the beginning. Learn how to use it. You need to create the needed patterns so that the bot can reply accurately. And, of course, you will need some maintenance and adding information from time to time, depending on the business you’re in. Still, 30% fewer costs are 30% fewer costs! 

  • 56% of the Customers Prefer Using Chatbots Instead of Calling Customer Service

Nowadays this is very common since communication shifted from speaking to typing. It seems people tend to withdraw progressively from speaking. Another thing is that they don’t want to wait that long. And with chatbot, there’s the convenience of typing while being and doing anything. 

  • 39% of Businesses Use a Chatbot to Make Their Websites More Interactive

Having a chatbot definitely makes the website more interactive. And such websites are very trendy nowadays. Customers like it, moreover – they expect to see it. And so companies do what is expected of them. 

  • 36% Use the Chatbot to Generate More Leads

The easiest way to generate more leads for your business is through live chat and chatbot. If you combine them both that is even easier. With them, it is very easy to gather information from your customers and their contact details.


What Are the Chatbot Trends 2021

Chatbots are expected to become even more widely used. Experts believe that it will be a major investment for the future. Around 47% of the companies are to use chatbots as a customer service tool. And 40% are expected to adopt virtual assistants. 

Chatbots are to be developed a lot. The plan is for them to be more human-like. They want to make sure it is programmed in a way that its behavior is close to the one of a human. In this way, they will be able to provide a more human-like, personalized, and much better customer service. So here’s what the chatbot trends for 2021 are:

  • Voice Chatbots to Become Predominant

Texting and voice-messaging have become preferred ways of communication. So people will prefer to have this kind of communication with the brands they need to talk to as well. And voice bots give a more personalized approach, which helps with the overall customer experience. (Accenture). 

  • Chatbots Will Be Included in More Apps

It is expected that chatbots will be included in more and more apps. The integration into a mobile app is very easy, which is a big plus. And chatbots are well-known for easily collecting data from customers. They analyze it and take action accordingly. So it is expected for many organizations to build these applications according to Market Insider.

  • Chatbots Will Grow the Most with the Help of Messaging Platforms

According to Adweek chatbots will be best developed in messaging platforms. Messaging platforms that have the chatbot integrated into them, are great for bringing brand awareness, lead generation. Moreover, the customer service level grows even higher. 

  • Streamlining Internal Workflows

When it comes to internal workflows, chatbots are becoming a very big and convenient part of them. Helping with internal communication between departments is one of the things. They can help with the screening process when hiring new employees. And also ask general questions or recording answers that can later be seen by the relevant department. Reporting technical issues to the IT department is another very good advantage. 

  • Chatbots Will Become a Bigger Part of Our Lives

Chatbots are already a very big part of our day-to-day lives. We rely on their help with many chores. They are part of e-learning, training, and schedule work. This is to be even more expanded, as they are working on developing more features for the chatbots. 


These are some of the chatbot trends. Chatbots’ use is spreading. Their behavior resembles humans more and more. And this puts them in a very high position. They are becoming the most wanted tool along with live chat. When businesses combine them, they can get amazing results. When it comes to customer satisfaction, customer experience, generating more leads, and increasing sales, while decreasing costs chatbot + live chat, might be the best recipe. 

To get the results of that delicious recipe, start with us today!

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