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Chatbots Fundamentals


Many websites have robots that pop-up when we open a page. It tells us it’s name and asks if we are in need of any assistance. They are so smart if you communicate with them you might wonder if it is a robot or a human. To know more about chatbots let’s see how they work and where they are used?

How Do Chatbots Help

There are different methods for chatbots to work efficiently and effectively. Let’s see the most common methods that are used.

  • One of the methods is pattern matching. This method searches for keywords and simply matches the answer and sends it to the customer. The downside of this method is that it cannot go beyond the set pattern. So it sends replies that are already set in the system.
  • The second method that is more commonly use is the algorithms method. Each possible question is preset with a pattern. It assures that chatbot will provide the most relevant answer to the customer. With a hierarchical structure, this method helps a lot.
  • The third method that is used is an artificial neural network. The chatbot breaks down the message into different keywords and each of them is using for neural networking. The benefit of this method is that it can handle different questions sharply.

Examples of Chatbots

To elaborate on the concept of chatbots let’s see a few examples.

  • WHO Health Alerts

As the coronavirus spreads around the globe, more and more people want to know about the disease. To keep people healthy and informed, the world health organization has introduced a health bot on their website. To access the information you just have to approach it by your WhatsApp.

  • Andy- the English speaking bot

Andy is another useful chatbot for those who want to learn English in a fast and easy way. This chatbot helps you with simple exercise and everyday conversation. It deals according to your level of understanding of English thus making it easier for you.

  • KLM’s bb bot

This chatbot helps to get a flight booking for you. This is on KLM’s Facebook page and offers you all sorts of help related to flight operations. It is a friendly and funny robot and even gives you more suggestions if you ask.

Chatbot – Better prospects

There are a variety of examples of chatbots and it is still innovating with time. Combined with live chat, a chatbot can bring a better and enhanced customer care experience for your company.

To sum up, chatbots are a very powerful addition to the customer care strategies to grow any business. To extract the best out of it, companies need to know how to use it effectively. Properly understanding this technology can boost their business to high levels.

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