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Conversation24 Earned a Spot in the 2022 KVK Innovatie Top 100!

Conversation24 is among the 100 most innovative companies in the Netherlands. The Dutch Chamber of Commerce has selected Conversation24 for the 2022 KVK Innovation Top 100!


Keep Innovating

‘This list shows what we are good at in the Netherlands: innovating! Entrepreneurs from Dutch small and medium-sized enterprises compete each year for a place in the KVK Innovation Top 100. KVK encourages businesses to grow and innovate. That is why we organize this Top 100 every year and put the most innovative companies in the Netherlands in the spotlight throughout the year.’

‘Conversation24 is using WhatsApp as a revolutionary new approach to customer contact. They have introduced a Commerce platform, in which it’s possible to order products through contact channels such as WhatsApp and web chat and pay directly via Tikkie (ABN Amro).’

The winner of the KVK Innovation Top 100 edition 2022 will be announced on November 30.

You can find Conversation24 and the other 99 finalists online at

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