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Conversational Commerce Also Gains Popularity in the Food Industry

In addition to fashion and retail, the food industry is also a group that can put conversational commerce to good use. With the rise of ordering everything through your phone, it would be a very nice feature for many hospitality entrepreneurs.


Happy Customers

Although the food industry may not be the first industry that comes to mind when you think of conversational commerce, Entree Magazine reports that ordering and paying via chat is becoming increasingly popular among cafes, restaurants and hotels. “It’s especially interesting for terraces, fast casual and fast service,” says hospitality specialist at ABN AMRO bank Stef Driessen.

Guests can make reservations or order products/services directly from a chat conversation. This means they no longer have to stand in line or ask the waiter for attention. This in turn leads to more satisfied customers.


A Chat With the Waiter

Hospitality has an additional way for guests to place an order and checkout when using conversational commerce. American fast food chains that are already using it, saw their sales grow by dozens of percentages in the past year.

Since you would like to give your customers the option to be able to stay on their favorite platform, chatting via WhatsApp or Messenger is the best option that feels the most natural to them. It’s closest to having a chat with the waiter or bartender, for example. Conversational commerce could be a good help for them to spend less time taking orders and handling payments, and have more time left over for other things.


Personal Touch

A chatbot is also easy to use for providing additional information, recommendations, or alternatives if something is out of stock. You can make it as personal as you want. For example, send guests who have already ordered several rounds of drinks a message that there are also delicious snacks available.

This extra contact channel works especially well for regular guests. They can then also be approached at other times with an attractive discount or a new menu/product. According to research, they also spend more money via this new channel than other guests.


Order and Pay Directly With C24

In order to apply conversational commerce, there is a variety of software that can help. Conversation24 is the first to offer the option of paying directly via WhatsApp. This makes the process even easier and faster. Want to know more? Please contact us now!

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