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In a world which keeps developing into a more digital world than before, it is important you keep in contact with your customers. While people keep expecting to be treated as they get spoken to face-to-face. It is a valuable moment in the buying process when a client reaches out to you and receives the right information. It can also give you insights into what the client wants and what information they are missing in the process.

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Get higher results in up- and cross selling of recommended products, such as necessary accessories or handy add-ons. Or follow-up on abandoned shopping carts. Be an expert or an assistant in the buying process and the customer will come back for another high quality service experience. Leads like contact information or scheduled appointments can be tagged and will be shown in the conversion report.

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How much time can you save by optimising your product return payment flow?

Conversational payments and refunds

Increase customer lifetime value through quality service and smart features.

Combining commerce with conversational can result not only in more conversions but also in a higher CLV. Read in our case study how we attached WhatsApp Business to service contracts for heating installations. Feel free to contact us and share your ideas or problems so we can build on your conversational future.

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Preparing for a Successful Black Friday Weekend

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