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Digital Payment Methods to Adopt

We live in a digital world, where we do almost everything through our digital devices. Digital payment methods became a big part of our everyday lives. And with the Pandemic hitting, we are going digital more than ever.

eCommerce websites are able to sell their products and services easily with the help of digital payments. Their customers can use a wide range of payment methods, which makes it even easier. Not just for your customers, but for you as well.  

With the help of a payment provider, all the customers need to do is select the desired payment method, fill in their details and pay. In a few quick steps, everyone gets what they want. 

There are a few trending digital payment methods with which your customers will feel safer. They are fast and convenient for them and they will expect to see them on your website. So why not have them?


What Are Digital Payments?

Digital payments are a form of cashless, contactless payment methods. With these payments, everything is much easier for most consumers. It is expected for the number of digital payment users to grow by 5.4% in 2021 according to Statista.

But in order for your customers to be able to use them on your website, not only they need to have them available. But your website should be equipped with them too. So what are the payment methods you most certainly need? Here they are:


4 Digital Payment Methods You Need To Adopt

1.Banking cards

The banking cards offer the customer a lot of security and convenience. They can be credit, debit, and prepaid cards. They can be used in physical stores to pay with POS terminals. But many people are now used to paying also online using their banking cards. Maestro, Master Card, Visa – many customers would prefer to have these options available on your website. 

To pay for the product or service, all they need to do is enter their credit card details. The card number, the name of the cardholder, and the CVV/CVC code in the back. The transactions are fast and safe, which makes them a preferred payment method. It is better to have this option available then.



The next big thing in line is the eWallet. Their creation dates back to 1997 and their use has been spreading more and more nowadays. Digital wallets are a way to transfer cash into a digital format. With them, people can also link their credit/debit cards to their eWallet. In this way, they can make purchases through their tablets, smartphones, and even smartwatches. 

Some of the most widespread eWallets are Adyen, PayPal, Apple Pay, EcoPayz, etc. Customers are demanding the possibility to pay with their favorite eWallet on your website, so this is why it is a must to have it available. It is convenient both for you and for them.


3.Internet Banking

The internet or online banking is an electronic payment system that provides the customers of the bank to make payments and other financial transactions through their website. 

In this way, people are able to pay on your eCommerce website with their internet banking. They will be redirected to the website of the bank to finish the transaction. And then, they will be back on your web page for the confirmation of the purchase. Easy, safe, and fast.


4.Mobile Banking

Just like with internet banking, mobile banking connects to the customer’s account with the bank. Only, it is made from the comfort of their hands. So, it can be done from anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. 

In their lunch break or while commuting, people can browse your website from their mobile devices. And when they like what they see, they can easily proceed with the payment right there! This time, the website can redirect them to their mobile banking app, which is even easier. The purchase will be complete in no time! 

These are the main payment methods that all websites should have. Your customers want security as well as convenience and ease. So all businesses need to make sure they provide for the customer’s needs.

5.Conversational Payments

This kind of digital payment is very innovative and convenient for both sides. Your customers can come to you on live chat to ask a question or two. And they can end up making a purchase right there – while in chat

This can happen with the direct payment links that the agent on chat can send to the customer. They consist of the details (item, quantity, price) needed for the order to be placed. The customer clicks on the link and is transferred to the page where they can proceed with the payment. And they can still choose their favorite payment method there!

Once that is done, the customer will be back in the chat to finish the conversation. This is a great way to serve your customers in a fast and efficient way. In that simple and easy way, a lot of value is added to the overall customer experience.


With Conversation24, you can have all of these payment methods for your business and more! And with the amazing option to combine customer service and paying with the ‘pay in chat’ option, there’s nothing more you would want!

Customers can now pay with a payment link sent to them while having a conversation with their favorite brand! 

To have this amazing option on your website, you can start with us right away

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