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How Can a Simple Payment Link Enhance Customer Experience

Most of the time, successful customer service is considered having replied to all of the customers’ questions and ending the conversation in a positive way. In these cases, one can only hope the customer will finish their purchase. But what if you can complete the process by sending them a payment link?

What is a Payment Link?

A payment link is a link sent to the customer over a live chat conversation. This link consists of the amount that needs to be paid for the exact products/services the customer wants.

The payment link transfers the customer directly to the payment provider, so they can pay for their order right away. They no longer need to select the items nor fill in their details separately. It all happens right in the chat window, during the conversation with the agent. It’s like a shopping cart right in the chat.

Benefits of the Payment Link

Having explained what exactly the payment link is, let’s dig deeper and see how it can enhance the overall customer experience.

  • Innovation

    Being able to provide this service over live chat is not something anyone can afford. This is a great innovation that will pleasantly surprise your customers. They are used to doing everything themselves when ordering something. Now they don’t need to do that. They will be happy that part of their work is already done.

  • Convenience

    This leads us to the next benefit, which is convenience. It is far more convenient for the customers, someone else to be doing this for them. Just like in the physical store, it is the store assistant that will scan the items. Here, it is the same – the agent adds the items to the cart, and just provides the customer with the “POS terminal machine”. It is good to be able to combine the good things of both online and offline shopping.

  • Going the Extra Mile

    This option is not only convenient for the customer, but it gives them the feeling they are being taken care of. It is like the extra mile you go for them. They only need to relax and enjoy the service they are receiving. What’s even better is that if they are having trouble paying, you are still there with them. While in other cases, they will need to start a new conversation and explain everything anew. Here you are still there, waiting to confirm the order. Customers will highly appreciate all of this.

  • Upselling

    This part of the sales process has never been easier. Since the agent is the one showing items in the chat, it is much easier to upsell the customer. The agent is now an active part of the buying process and they can influence it by offering additional products that the customer might need. It is a great opportunity to make an extra profit while providing the customer with the best service they have ever received.

  • Sealing the deal

    Last, but not least, it is the benefit of completing the buying process. And completing the customer experience. You no longer need to wonder if the customer will actually make a purchase after the conversation is over. Here, you will now be a part of it. Since you will be the one sending the payment link and actually completing the sale along with the customer. This is a great benefit and it also helps with tracking the results much easier and faster.

Everybody Wins!

Using a payment link works both ways. All of the customers will feel cherished. They will be happy with the convenience of your service, which will build their trust and loyalty to your brand. This is a great plus alone. But using conversational payments will also increase the chance of upselling and the percentage of sales. It is a win-win situation anyone should take advantage of.

With this being said, go ahead and take advantage of it right away!


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