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How Live Chat Helps eCommerce Websites Grow


As the recent pandemic has hit the globe, the whole world has gone through changes in every walk of life. This change pushed the customers to seek online shopping solutions. Now brands launch their new range of products online as well as in their physical stores. E-commerce websites have had to adapt to this change to meet the new requirements of the online market. The face of e-commerce has changed massively from the way it was 5 years ago. Now people want quick responses from customer care and convenience while shopping online. Live chat can provide just this. If your online store doesn’t offer this solution, the customers might choose to purchase from a website that does!


There are some key reasons why live chat is beneficial for your eCommerce website. Here are just a few;


Time Is Precious 

In this fast-paced life, everyone is in hurry. No one has the time to read long FAQs or the return and refund policies. Live chat makes it possible with easy and fast access to the required information. An operator is able to answer all queries and complaints instantly and can even guide customers through their entire journey with your brand. 


Possibility of Multitasking

While inquiring about a certain product or service, the customer is able to perform multiple tasks at once with live chat. One doesn’t have to stick to the screen while waiting. This means that on the go or from the comfort of your own home you can get in touch with a business whilst getting on with your day. 


Live Chat Increases Conversion Rates

If customers are not provided with the information they need, there is a higher chance that they will abandon their cart. For example, if a customer is not sure about the color of paint he is ordering online, they might want to know about the return and refund policies.

A survey result shows that 57% of customers abandon their carts if they can’t get an immediate response from customer support. Live chat can help solve issues quickly and reliably.


Know Your Customers

Live chat enables companies to know more about their customers. They can get feedback on customer satisfaction rates instantly. Different additional tools can be added to the live chat interface to get valuable data about the customers that are otherwise difficult to collect.


A Great Relationship with The Customer          

Live chat provides an opportunity to build a human-like relationship with customers. Research shows that 70% of consumers like to talk with human agents instead of receiving pre-set responses. If your customer care team is overloaded, hiring external staffing is a great way to efficiently manage and de-stress your customer support team. 


To sum up, there are many benefits of adding live chat to e-commerce websites. So get started today

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