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Improve Customer Support with Video Calls

Being able to use video calls has been a big plus ever since it was invented. The possibility to see your family and friends in real-time, even if they are across the world, has been highly appreciated. In online meetings, nowadays, video is almost mandatory, so people can see you really are present and listening. 

Even though not everyone prefers to be seen on their camera, having the option to turn it on, if necessary, has its advantages. Being able to use video for personal purposes is one thing, but what’s even better is when you can use that with the online customer service department. 


What Are Video Calls?

Video calling gives the opportunity for the people involved in the call to see each other. Even if they are not in the same place, they are able to have more of a “face-to-face” conversation. People can see the other one’s reactions and can partially read their body language. 

This adds up to what the simple call or chat conversations are missing. There are thousands of millions of misunderstandings every day when having such conversations. But adding the video option to it can solve a big portion of these problems. 


Adding Video to Your Customer Service Department

The same misunderstandings can occur when talking to a customer – on the phone or on live chat. By simply adding the video call option to your live chat or as an additional tool while calling, can clear up the possibility of misinterpretation. 

To be more specific as to how can video be helpful for your employees and customers, here are some of its benefits: 

See the Company’s Face 

Many were afraid that with going all online and using more live chat than any other channel, the human touch will be lost. Especially with the development of chatbots and their spreading use. 

Having the video option, however, helps with this issue. Customers will now be able to see the face of your company, just like in a physical store. They will be able to talk, smile, and discuss matters directly with the agents while seeing their faces. This gives back the human feel of the conversation and fills up the gap. 

It’s a Real Person

Speaking of a human feel, the other benefit of the video is directly knowing that the agent, the customer is talking to is a real person. We’ve all wondered sometimes while having a conversation on live chat with a brand if we are talking to a human or a robot. 

Many of the agents receive exactly this question over chat. “Are you a human or a robot?”. They want to know if there is someone there that will be able to actually understand what their concerns are. But there’s no need to wonder anymore. Now they will know the answer because they will have the option to video chat with the agent. 

Gain Trust

Being able to actually see the person you are talking to is very important when it comes to trust. It is much easier to gain trust when your customers can see your agents’ faces, their eyes, their smiles and hear the tone of their voices. 

When people know that if they want to, they can see who they are talking to, they feel more certain in your company and its ways. They see you are transparent, you have nothing to hide, which raises their level of trust. 

Better Communication

As we mentioned earlier in the article, communication is much better when you are able to see the other person’s face. The possibility for misunderstandings is much lower. In this way, your customers will be able to share their thoughts much easier and be understood much easier. Better communication is the recipe to much more satisfied customers. 

Easier to Show and Explain Things

Another amazing advantage of having the video option available is the possibility for the agent to show and explain things to the customer. In case the customer is not able to understand well what they need to do, they can use video calls. In case the customer is elderly or not tech-savvy, they can use video calls. 

It will be much easier for both parties to lead the conversation. It will be easier for the customer to understand and easier for the agent to explain. And when you combine video calling with screen sharing, there’s the recipe for success.

Provide a Better Customer Experience

When you combine all of the benefits from above, we get a very nice result for the overall customer experience. You have all the ways to help the customer better and faster. And in the most convenient way for them as well. 

Having all the options available to use, you will have the key to each customer’s heart. Some prefer chat – you have that, some prefer video call – well, you have that too. It is what is called a seamless and smooth customer experience. 

Having the video option available is about to be a very important part of the customer service experience. Gaining trust and loyalty by providing the best customer experience out there will shoot you to the stars!

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