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Increased ROI with Live Chat

Live chat has quickly become a very popular means for customers to get in contact with businesses. With it customers have benefited from quick solutions and a more efficient customer service experience. But in what way does this communication tool benefit a business? Specifically, does it have a direct correlation with the increased return of investment?

This Article will uncover just how live chat can increase your ROI!

Support Your Customers

As more businesses and brands turn to ecommerce platforms, ensuring the in-store experience is translated correctly to online platforms can be a challenge. Customers enjoy going to a store where they can actually feel the quality and product they wish to purchase in person. Sometimes, this doubt of unrealistic representation can turn a customer away from making a purchase. In turn, this means more abandoned carts. Being able to offer support to customers who are in need of guidance concerning a product can be that extra grain of sand to tip the scales. Turning concerned customers into confident buyers. 

Cross-Selling for Increased ROI

Live chat is not just about providing simple support. It can be utilized for a greater purpose. This tool allows for your business to analyze customer behaviour and use this data to upsell. Through conversation with customers, agents can recommend additional or better products that meet the customer needs. 

Issues Leading to Abandonment

Many problems faced by customers can lead to them abandoning their cart. If for example they are having issues with payment they will most likely leave rather than reach out for help. Proactive chat is a great tool to utilize to ensure this does not happen. Before a customer has the chance to back down from a purchase you can offer assistance to them and resolve the issue in a timely manner. 

Create an Experience 

The customer experience is on the lips of every business today. Why? Because it has become so vital that a pleasant shopping experience is provided across all touch points. These experiences can have a heavy influence on your business and can make or break customer relationships. By providing quick resolutions to issues with live chat and a more personalized interaction you can ensure your customers are getting those experiences that will lead to an increase in sales. 

Loyal Customers and Inreased ROI

Loyal customers are key to the success of any business. Building and maintaining these customer relationships are very important for an increased ROI. This is because retaining customers is easier and more cost effective. Additionally, they tend to spend more and have a great influence on organic marketing as they are more likely to talk about a business to friends and family. To make it even more clear, research shows that merely a 5% increase in customer retention can increase company revenue by 25-95%. Live chat is a great way to ensure these relationships are nourished with personalised and seamless support.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of Live chat? 


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