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Instagram Is Opening It’s Doors to Customer Service and Chatbots

Messenger API Update

Facebook has just announced its messenger API has been updated. This will help businesses by allowing them to manage all communication across Instagram and Messenger. With this new update, comes the introduction of new features. They will permit businesses to respond immediately to frequently asked questions. This can happen using chatbots while still offering the possibility to connect customers to live support.

Prior to this, businesses were only able to respond to customers through the Instagram app and Facebook’s business inbox. This raised some issues of inefficiency for larger brands. Big brands were not able to maximize opportunities without the right tools. And that is why this update is a joyous occasion for those looking to optimize and increase their customer service experience.

What Are the Instagram Changes

They reveal the change in light of Instagram’s move to implement shopping as its primary function with the launch of Instagram shops and other shopping features. According to Facebook, over the last year, daily conversations between people and businesses on Messenger and Instagram combined grew by over 40%. Currently in the stage of beta testing on big brand names such as Adidas. #conversational #commerce #messaging

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Video and Customer Satisfaction

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