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Is WhatsApp right for your Business?

WhatsApp is the most important messaging app for more than two billion people worldwide. Today, it has become a great tool for your business to connect with customers.

Along with the WhatsApp chatbot, WhatsApp business is a very powerful platform for ecommerce. Thanks to the different new features that the platform continues to release. WhatsApp is becoming a great retail location, especially in the current climate where more people are shopping online. There are many great things about WhatsApp for Business that you can benefit from. Lets find out what they are!

What is WhatsApp Business and What’s All The Confusion About?

Simply put, WhatsApp Business enables companies to deliver a secure and safe message to their customers directly within the WhatsApp messaging platform. An advantage over SMS is that WhatsApp is directly tied to a single phone number and offers a branded company profile instead of a series of digits, allowing consumers to know instantly who they are chatting or receiving messages from. WhatsApp also offers dependable delivery information. It gives businesses the added benefit of knowing which messages have been delivered and in the end read.

There is also a growing trend to use business messaging for ‘conversational commerce’ purposes: sales and support teams can answer product or customer service questions with rich, contextual messages that eventually facilitate a new transaction or keep a current client happy.

What Are The Benefits of WhatsApp Business App

Where to start – the benefits of using Whatsapp for Business are plentiful.

  • Safety is A Decisive Benefit

WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption and verified company profiles. Making it ideal for instilling trust in your customers by ensuring that personal information remains secure. It offers the perfect combination of convenience and protection, especially for requirements such as fraud checks.

  • User Interface

Another big benefit is the ease of use. The user interface and operation of the app is so smooth and simple. It is rare to find a person downloading Whatsapp and getting confused about what to do next.

A key aspect of its user-friendliness is the reading reception for messages and media. In more traditional communication methods, such as email and basic messenger services. You wonder if people have actually seen your message or not. Whatsapp makes everything instantly clear: a grey tick indicates a message sent, two grey ticks indicate a message received, and when the ticks turn blue, you know that the other person has read the message. This certainty is a great feature, especially in business, when you should know when to push and when to withdraw from a potential customer.

  • Messaging Automation and Tools

Automated features are a great way to ensure a faster reponse rate and be availble 24.7. A few of WhatsApp’s features are mentioned below:

  1. Its Away Message automatically responds to customers when they write to you within a period of time you have marked as unavailable.
  2. Its greeting message, as the name suggests, greets your customers when they start the conversation and write to you.
  3. WhatsApp Quick Replies allows you to create templates that you can use during the chat. These are common answers or phrases that you can access and send by typing in the / icon in the chat.

Get started with WhatsApp today and reap the benefits!

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