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Live Chat; Count The Benefits

Today there is a need for fast communication between customers and sellers. Live chat has made this job easy.

With the spread of the pandemic, life has changed entirely. Due to restrictions of lockdown, many physical stores have switched to online stores. That change pushed the customers to opt for online shopping solutions. But shopping online is a different experience from that of buying products from a brick-and-mortar store. E-commerce sites have gone through a lot of improvements to meet the needs of their customers. However, many are still seeking ways to ensure all touch points are alligned and optimized. Although websites may be effeciently set up with all the details of their products or services, consumers may still have questions. Here is where we see the need for live chat. Live chat opens a direct channel between the customers and the traders.

So what benefits can we expect to see from live chat? let’s take a look!

Efficiency is key!

As previsouly mentioned, e-commerce sites may provide customers with all the necessary information. However, it takes time to read long and lengthy details, which customers do not want to invest. A Live chat solution can save the day with reponses coming back in seconds. Customers are getting the required information at a fast pace to readily decide if they want to complete a purchase.

Live Chat a fast solution

If the customer is not provided with the basic information immediately, there are fewer chances that they will place an order. For instance, imagine a customer wants to buy some shirts but is not sure about the sizes or the fabric quality. Therefore, he seeks out information on the return and refund policy. If his concerns are solved instantly, he is much more likely to go for it. This is highlighted by a recent report that showed 57% of customers do not purchase if they have unresolved concerns about the products. Instead of sending emails and then waiting for replies, they want quick answers. If customers are pleased with customer care services, there are also more chances that they would visit again.

Understand Your Customer

Live chat provides such valuable data that can be analyzed to understand your customer’s behavior and needs. Some analytical tools can be added, to measure the customer satisfaction rate without any additional surveys.

Great Customer Care with Chat

Customers love to receive a personal and human touch when interacting with a business. By using a warm and friendly approach, live chat provides them with an experience. Just like interacting with a sales person in a physical store. Research has shown that 70% of consumers like to talk to a human operator rather than receiving pre-generated answers. Live chat is a great solution as you can find the perfect balance between automated and human agents.

So if you want to grow your e-commerce site, add a live chat interface to experience all these benefits and provide your customers with a friendly and warm service.

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