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Live Chat- What you Need to Know!


Live chat is gradually becoming one of the most common ways for organizations to connect and engage with their customers. Customer behavior and needs are also changing with technological change. We are observing the acceptance and takeover of a digital-first mentality as an outcome.

Live Chat Benefits for Customers

  • Without the need to use external contact networks, such as email, they will report their issues.
  • They should not have to wait hours for a reply.
  • Their experience with shopping is more fun and rewarding
  • They don’t need to include their information again and again. In your CRM, you can store their data and look it up anytime you need it. Conversation history marks, or visited pages provide info.

What’s Not To Love?

The fact that it is so easy to use and readily available is an obvious explanation that this communication method is so popular with customers. Communication has become part of our daily lives through messaging channels. Whether it’s to talk with friends or to contact your favorite bakery. Therefore, it was no surpise a consumer analysis found that 79% customers are not happy when they don’t have access to customer service on their favorite channel.

Also, Live chat has created an experience of customer service that aligns with the fast-paced environment in which we live in. People cherish Real-time responses and it is just what live chat offers them. Analysis has shown that when it comes to providing answers to a web chat customer service question, 90 percent of online users trust immediacy.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Use Chat?

The opportunities that come with live chat are appreciated by users. But, despite that, a recent study has indicated that it is currently used by just 25 percent of all customer service organizations that were surveyed.

According to Kustomers report, the two leading reasons why businesses have not yet implemented chat are;

  • lack of time and money to introduce it
  • Internal difficulties, i.e., they do not know where to start or have staffing limitations when it comes to handling further contact networks.

The third explanation given is that corporations believe that live chat is not desired or enjoyed by their clients.

These statistics are noteworthy given the statistical data that favors the advantages of this contact method. Including data that shows a 92 percent rate live chat very highly.

Companies should and can do more to add live chat to their communication stratergy. Statistics demonstrate that customers prefer access to quick communication that has a knock-on advantage for customer loyalty, service efficiency, and eventually revenue. Businesses who keep avoiding it will learn to regret it. On market-facing platforms, the current day consumer has now come to demand it and certain firms will be ignored in favor of competitors without it.

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