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Major Industries That Can Benefit From Using Live Chat

Live chat is an amazing tool that most major industries are utilizing nowadays. Most of the websites now have the live chat feature available. With it, businesses are able to get real-time contact with their customers. And it is great for keeping them engaged, providing even better customer service, and increasing sales big time. 

The benefits of having live chat on your website are undeniable. Each business has a lot to gain from it. But there are a few industries that stick out from the crowd. And in this article, we are going to talk about these major industries that can benefit the most from having a live chat.


eCommerce Businesses 

Many companies have decided to build their presence not only in physical stores but online too. Providing the customers with the ability to buy from them through an online platform is a big plus. 

But just the way their customers need shop assistants in the store, they need it online. And this is where live chat comes into play. With it, the company is able to provide the same top-quality services as they would in a physical store.

They are able to answer all questions the customers may have. And they can guide them through the buying process as successfully as in-store. This way they can uphold their brand image with a great customer experience and far more sales.


Real Estate

Having live chat software on a real estate website can be highly beneficial. Instead of just browsing through all the properties the website offers, the client can have an online agent to help them with it. Even though the customer cannot buy directly from the website, having the help right there can help with lead generation. 

Since the property is a complex product, it would be much easier to have someone help you while you’re looking for the next place to live in. Through live chat, the agents can narrow down the customer’s preferences. And this way they help them choose the right property.


Travel Services

When planning their vacations or any travels, people want to be sure everything will go smoothly. They all have many questions about the trip, the stay, insurances, and any additional tips or requirements. 

Just going through the website is no longer enough. Searching for the information they need for hours can be very off-putting. And this can be avoided by simply placing a live chat on the website. People will be able to easily book whatever they want and have all their concerns fly away. 

In this industry, live chat helps a lot with establishing relationships with your customers. And through it sales increase a lot, as well as agents are able to woo their customers right on spot, while they are planning a very positive event in their lives.



This is one of the major industries and it is similar to real estate. Buying a car is also a very big decision and it is best when it is informative. With live chat on such a website, customers don’t need to go all the way to the showroom. And they can even contact you for an expert’s opinion even if the store is closed at the moment.

Being there for their customers with live chat is a great way to generate leads and increase sales even if the clients are not currently in the showroom. So you provide your customers with experts that will help them make an informative decision. And once they are ready, they can come to the showroom to close the deal.



It is very important to be available for all your customers in every kind of business. But to be there for the people in their worst hours is even more important. 

Many people are worried about sharing any medical concerns they may be having. And this prevents them from taking care of themselves on time. Adding live chat to healthcare websites can be very beneficial. This way people can freely ask any questions they might be embarrassed to ask otherwise. This can literally save lives. 

And in general, it is very convenient for people to simply type in their questions and have the answer in a fast and easy way. They no longer need to wait 15 and more minutes for a simple question. They can receive all the information they need on medicine or any procedures they are considering. And they can be quickly referred to the correct specialty in accordance with their symptoms. 

Having live chat in healthcare will reduce the stress on the assistants working on the phone. They will receive far fewer calls, which will allow them to focus on other important things. While at the same time all the patient’s questions are still being answered.  


These are the major industries that can benefit from having live chat on their websites. But live chat’s advantages don’t stop there. Any company can benefit from live chat – small and big. And generating more leads, increasing sales, reducing emails and calls, and helping with providing much better customer service, are just some of the ways to benefit from it. 

If you want to shoot your business to the stars, start by adding live chat to your website

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