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Build the Best Omnichannel Customer Service Strategy

Nowadays, we can observe how delighted customers are when they can have their questions answered right away. The more facilities they have, the happier they are! And for this reason, companies decided to concentrate on building an omnichannel customer service strategy.

In this way, customers can have a guarantee of having the same quality of service on whatever channel they choose to communicate with your business on. 

Aberdeen Group’s report showed that companies with performing omnichannel strategies keep an average of 89% of their existing customers. In comparison, those with poor omnichannel customer engagement retain an average of 33%. 

The numbers are pretty impressive. Therefore, working on an omnichannel approach can quickly push your business towards better results whilst delivering a seamless experience to customers.

In this article, we gathered five practices to help you tailor the best omnichannel customer service strategy. 


Build an Outstanding Omnichannel Customer Service Strategy


Get to Know Your Customers

If a customer has a question or an issue, they have ways of reaching you quickly. But have you ever asked who your customer is? What are they interested in? What are their pain points? Where are they?

If you do not have it yet, consider creating at least a couple of customer personas. Persona is a fictional character that contains the main characteristics of a significant part of your public. Therefore, businesses create it based on data analysis of interactions with customers and user research. 

As those personas also need updates, you can submit surveys from time to time to your customers. In this way, you can keep track of their profiles and get to know them better.


Know Your Channels!


We already know how important it is to know where your customers are. However, there is more to this. A good understanding of how those channels work is vital to understand how you can optimize their use. Moreover, you can identify whether they need improvement or not.

To develop an excellent omnichannel customer service strategy, you may need more than one channel for sure. But you must choose wisely and set up your priorities. 

For example, depending on your audience, it might be time to invest in a live chat service and reduce the number of agents in charge of the phone line.


Facilitate the Path for Them to Find the Information Themselves

Self-service is just as important as live chat service. After all, sometimes a customer just needs to check a simple thing. Or your agents might be off for the day, and in those cases, a chatbot comes in handy.

Considering that you are building an omnichannel customer service strategy, do not forget to tie the knots. Make sure that they can hop from one channel to another without any impediments. 

Keep in mind that from an omnichannel perspective, customers expect a seamless connection between channels. So the approach must be the same independently from their choices. 


In Search of a Seamless Experience

Or, in other words, ensure that the connection between your channels is feasible and working as it should! Therefore, guarantee that your customer’s context and history are continuously accessible across all channels.


Are Your Agents Equipped?

Your customer service agents can only deliver a flawless service if they have the right tools. As we spoke about keeping customer’s history, it is essential to make it accessible for your agents likewise.  

Moreover, make sure your agents know what an omnichannel experience is. You might even consider preparing a training about what is omnichannel and how it will apply to the company strategy. It is the best way to verify if everyone is on the same page.


Final Considerations

Implementing an omnichannel customer service strategy comes with numerous benefits. Satisfied consumers have a higher chance of becoming loyal customers and, consequently, help you boost sales.

You can learn more about omnichannel support by checking this article. If you are ready to start with omnichannel right now, click here!

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